Therefore, in clinical practice often requires typing。 There had been several typing methods, such as "coffin yin and yang, twenty-five," according to yin and yang theory, to be summed different endowments of all shapes, and then further divided into twenty-five kinds of body types, typing methods focus on the following two ways: ① to observe the body, and spirit combined, tongue and pulse with the Senate, and eating habits as the basis, divided into normal quality, yang, yin deficiency, phlegm, hot and humid quality, qi deficiency, blood stasis seven-sanguine。
② macroscopic shape to permit clinical findings, based on the pulse color characteristic, clinical performance mainly divided into normal quality, obscure quality, tired dampness, hot mass, of cryogenic later, six types tired quality。
As for the type to study the need for a unified constitution and how to unify, has yet to be clinical practice。
Classified more than evil physical solid as it is, it mainly refers to the solid physical characteristics of yin and yang Piansheng quality, sputum, blood stasis and other evil within the junction formed, the following five common types of constitution。 ① Physical chill means of chi Piansheng element body mass。 See sturdy body, muscle contraction, dark purple, four-body often cold, less static and more dynamic, heat-loving aversion to cold, pale tongue, pulse tight。 ② Piansheng yang of the male element body mass thermal physical means。 See strong physical health, flushing or red and black, there are shiny, eye congestion multicast mesh gum, dark red or purple lips, tongue, or dark red, hard, thin tongue yellow or yellow greasy strong compaction。
Deficiency ③ phlegm physical constitution classification means Quality characterized because the body moisture retention phlegm formed。
Multi body fat plump, pale yellow and dark, white color slide, color blackish nose, mouth uncomfortable sticky, heavy limbs, tea, alcohol, unbridled Feigan, normal or solid stool, urine, or not more than slightly muddy , pulse or slippery, greasy。