January 2 news, the eSIM card was mentioned as early as in 2011, technology is no problem, but also a more accurate trend。
But through 3G, across 4G, 5G have come, the technology has not pushed up eSIM。
This is almost leathery operator life technology, in 2018 it will go a step further?Perhaps the answer is still: Road resistance and long。
What's eSIM card?Let me talk about the traditional SIM card, also known as user identification cards, smart cards, integrated on-chip cell phone or electronic products, through dynamic method of writing data to complete the function of the traditional SIM card。 SIM card hand is the user identity recognition, on the other hand is to identify the operator's network, but also some of the information stored telephone numbers。
Since each card belongs only to one operator, and therefore can not be copied using。
So-called eSIM card, is the virtual SIM card。 It is the traditional SIM card is fitted directly to the chip device, rather than as an independent component added to a removable device, without the user physically inserting the SIM card。
So that the user can select a more flexible operator packages, or change carriers at any time without having to unlock the device under the premise, purchase of new equipment。
Virtual SIM card and then to the state of existence is descending trend promoted the development of Apple's mobile phone SIM card from largest to smallest: SIM kcal, the microSIM card (small card), nanoSIM cards (mini cards)。
Today's eSIM card is Apple has been pushing。 Back in 2011, Apple to the US Patent and Trademark Office to apply for a patent virtual SIM card。 Apple said the patent allows users without having to use a SIM card to access the wireless network operators to provide direct service。
At the same time due to the need to use a SIM card, the next iPhone will be thinner, more beautiful。 In September 2014, when Apple released the first iPadAir2 on the concept of eSIM card (also known as "AppleSIM") to the actual product, this design allows users to more easily free choice to switch carriers。 July 2015, Apple and Samsung are talking about expansion plans, launched jointly eSIM card and other companies in the telecommunications industry。 However, business has been said, has been postponed。
Although this is a development trend is bound to be achieved。 SIM card operator is stationed "territory" of a "barrier" Currently, only the operators before issuing SIM cards, of course, is just another virtual operators from selling wholesale operators there。 Therefore, a SIM card to bind a phone number。 In this way, operators to hold large quantities of users through SIM card, so firmly bound with a lot of users。
From this perspective, SIM card operator is stationed "territory" of a "barrier"。 However, should the implementation of eSIM this road, "barriers" disappeared, users will be lost at any time, a pool of resources have all been disturbed, such as user data, such as tariff packages, which is equivalent to the operator's leather life, would be worried。 Therefore, operators will be resistance to the implementation of eSIM card。 However, in December 26, 2017, a line called "the eSIM watch" services on China Unicom, this should be the first to test the water once eSIM card。