Prostate cyst is one of the common diseases of prostate disease, due to the prostate gland or catheter occlusion, prostate secretions storage form of common may appear dysuria, urinary urgency, urinary retention and other symptoms。
Prostate cyst special risk for the male body, but also seriously affect male sexual function and fertility。 So, what the symptoms of prostate cyst below to hear how the experts say。
1 prostate symptom cyst performance, concurrent infection and disease may be complicated by infection stones and calculi, large cysts growth when pressed against the urethra or bladder neck, urinary obstruction can。 Common symptoms include urinary urgency, frequent urination, urination difficulty, urinary fine, dysuria and urinary retention; when pressed against the rectum may cause difficulty in defecation。 Cyst rectal examination in large prostatic touch cyst, urethra urethral angiographically visible trace arcuate pressure, ultrasound and CT can clear its position。
2, obstruction of urinary obstruction or stool as the disease cystic urethral and rectum, bladder outlet obstruction usually clinical or fecal obstruction, urinary obstruction often causes acute urinary retention。
Sometimes out of thick secretions from the urethra, prostate finger rectal examination palpable sense of volatility, but often in the late party。 Cyst abscess occasionally break into the urethra, the rectum, the gap around the perineum or the bladder, causing inflammation of connective tissue。