1, drink plenty of water to prevent kidney stones, the first step is to drink plenty of water (it may only require this step)。 240 ml cup, drink at least six to eight glasses a day。 Although water has been a good choice, but no other reason, non-alcoholic drinks is also good (if urine oxalate concentration is too high, your doctor will remind you not to drink too much decaffeinated tea)。 Drink plenty of water every day is one of the best way to prevent kidney stones, at least six to eight glasses a day。
2, eat more dairy products most kidney stones (about 90%) and calcium oxalate component。
Because dairy products rich in calcium, doctors recommend that all patients with kidney stones in the past had to eat less of these foods。 But recent studies have shown that consumption of dairy products can actually reduce the risk of kidney stones, because calcium helps the body clear of other substances that can form stones。
However, your doctor may recommend that you do not eat calcium supplements drugs。 If you have kidney stones, consult a doctor, diet contains much calcium is safe。