You say I'm gazing water, let you drunk for a thousand years; I say you face the moon, I make you crazy Britain; you say I Su Yi gown, let your life nostalgia。    You say to use the car dragon phoenix chariot, I welcome flowery Meijuan; you say gives me Jinzan jade pendant, decorated with my fleeting rush; you say I executed flourishing the hand, to accompany me to the highest power。I believe, and I jealously guarding its boudoir, crumple Acacia thrown into the moonlight, let the breeze heal Heart Lake folds, so that the geese Red to the Juan Juan Wei Mindanao majestic Forbidden City or vice versa; I believe that I lean on a railing overlooking the stretch to look over the numerous hills, watching the glittering hear water gurgling, I want to turn into lopsided boat light boat, innumerable twists and turns floats around you flow into your heart。    That day, rain Xie Fei, he could feel the breeze blow, I drive a leaf boat, insisted on paper umbrella, across the Bi Tan grass, picking lotus in the lotus flowers。Suddenly I heard the melodious flute, such as drop jade plate Yudabajiao。I look up to the side, a glimpse of you standing on the bow behind with only two followers。Your prime handheld flute, personable, any Xiupao flying, rain wet white skirts。I hit the boat is in the hands of a wooden stick, and beat you with croon。Your life entourage turned the bow, singing escape the oncoming direction, I looked at your shadow is coming, you see the handsome face。You've made valiant jade tree, two black as ink eyes twinkling light burst out。You lovingly looked at me, eyes like water-like flow into my chest rattling deer。You standing on the bow, his hands to encircle me deeply Shi a ceremony。You ask my name, who lives where, why rainy day a little girl wandering sail boat in the water?I shook braids hanging down, sip Nuzui laugh, grabbed a lotus flower with a little bit of light raindrops hit you, you do not pulled in folding the waist, waved his right hand,“Snapped”Bang, folding open, prosthetic make lotus fell on top of your folding fan。I hope you looked at the empty fan, asked:“Big, your fan Why is empty?”You lock light brow, long Yi Tan, Tan sockets that are a bitter lonely melancholy rain-fed Next game, you say I do not understand your worries silk melancholy, you do not understand the bitterness pass bowel。My efforts Nuzui, put on a Han Chen Liu Mei stood almond-eyed look, said something“Guzuogaoshen”。You do not get angry, but I am looking soulful,“The girl did not answer my words?”I then remember, I said:“Chunhuaqiuyue two apart, drops of water flying down from heaven infinite Bi, sunny day, if I'm fiery red bloom。”You said“Summer charge。”Hey I smile,“You'd very smart!”    Your mouth Dangqi smile, clap said:“Well a 'fiery red bloom if I' poem paintings, painting in the possession of poetry。”Your bright smile like a confused springs to dissolve in my heart。You said:“There are two questions unanswered。”I snorted and turned away, but looked at you with his eyes,“We two have never met before, to tell you why?”You still shallow skim laugh, two dimples in full possession of the man's breath, refined but not frail, domineering but not overbearing, romantic but not hang around, but not delicate harassment。You handed me off jade waist,“This jade in Xinjiang and Tian crafted, fine gourmet masterpiece。”I took the jade, looked Fang sets round, square circle sets, crystal clear, very nice。I was stroking jade, with skirts wiped drops of rain above, I quietly watched entranced。“If you like, give a hello。”You rather abruptly sentence shocked me, I will readily flung your boat jade, jade sell the moment, I feel I was so reluctant to part。You see what I was thinking, he picked up the jade, jade grabbed my hand into my palms。I was clenching my jade hurried close hand,“Hello frivolous!”You said:“Your hands really soft, like every now and then, like catkins。”I Dangqi two shy of his face flush, you Diediebuxiu praise turned into a thousand years of brewing nectar Yulu, point drip into my belly。I interrupted you, clutching his ears,“Wordy Rory's sick of it。”You smiled,“Girl, there are two questions I did not answer it!”I pointed to a manor shore,“That is my home, my family served tea to tea for a living, the rain is the most fragrant lotus lotus leaf, if this mixed with tea, naturally full of aroma, Mao Zhaoyu I came Picking。”You take off the gloves,“I see the girl wisdom dexterity, can not cook a cup of tea to niche?”I pointed to a shore pavilions surrounded by flowers and leaves,“The little tea pavilion will be able to, of us in the past it!”I was twenty-eight unmarried girls in the women's apartment, you are handsome and elegant in their prime, as you tilt tea Amidst the hazy mist of the pavilion, if the passersby saw, how much I have to bear the mortal world how much secular gossip strange look hot。However, looking at your tall and burly body, listening to a request made by you cut sincerity of those Confucian ethical code of all the constraints in the end I could not withstand the hot blood bubbling flow of young girls, I mysteriously mouth agreed, grinning full the boat pulled the shore of happiness。    I use fresh lotus petals, tender leaves, lotus seeds, sugar and Longjing you to cook a pot of tea, you suck up a light, repeatedly said:“Tea!Tea!”You sit next to the stand looking at the stone of Guqin, smiles,“Girl, can Fuqin and singing?”My eye brow seemed very happy。I was born like playing the piano。I play the Yingge Yan sings a spring full of vitality, but could not play-by-line wind shadow moving weeping willow Liu Suifeng leave; I play out Ming Zen frog called Firefly little poetic, but not bombs flower butterfly butterfly is open for the lovestruck sweet flower dance; I play cool and comfortable in the cool autumn osmanthus fragrance, but not bombs meteor chasing the next month companion left not abandon; I play out cold chill north wind whistling silence, but not bombs snow to find La meme left lingering fragrance of the heart have。I sat bluestone bench, one-handed wave, I would like to use miyasho angle only embellishment XiXi yo rainy season, I think rhyme of ancient incense rendering lotus with a light silk thin string, I would like to refer to Haowan soft line drawing of fish light and lively, but looking at your tea is gentle, thinking of you Huishan elegant chic, I actually pop the Millennium kindness West Lake Expo Museum engraved, pop-up butterfly butterfly unfailing sense of heaven。I show Qingtu mouth, actually somehow throw a“Mountains edge, of Heaven”。I Xinjing swaying fluttered, like a peach blush fire clouds ripe, I“Snapped”Is heard playing the piano in the hands burst into shy ran, you hurriedly got up,“Girl stay behind!”, But knocked over the cup, just listen to the crisp sound track wanders back and forth in the rain。    The dead of night, crickets sounds like the name of the beat of drums, the sound of Xi'an International Studies; rain frog greedy enjoying soaring river, excited barking melon cushions。I lay in bed tossing and turning can not sleep, my brain is full of beautiful features of your appearance, wreathed in smiles look, strong body Kongwu。I want you deleted from the hard effort memories, just the opposite, the more you want to forget, the more your voice and facial expression echoed in my mind。I simply do not sleep, lying on the window, watching the moonlight cool water wet branches of the plane trees, watching fireflies flying lantern with a small jump up jump up next。I journeying gazing on the Miracle that London meniscus, as if to feel desolate cold Moon Palace, a pair of eyes melancholy and sorrow through layers of clouds are watching me, my three souls and seven broken body was taken away from this eternal sorrow, floated on。I seem to see remorse Chang E Yanmianerqi pear rain seemed to hear rabbit pound medicine tear-jerking heartbreak。My eyes were moist, tears rolled out from a crystal clear in my eye, full of me through my cheeks glowing ripples hit my heart for your endless thoughts。“are you thinking of me?”I murmured Speaking。Shan Xi wood with wooden sticks, clear your mind and Jun Jun Xi?That night, I stayed up all night recline window。    The next day, stroking Xiaofeng, soft 10000, Qing Yang boll opening, pine hanging strips, flowers and Splendor。I went yesterday to give you tea pavilion, a stone saw you sitting squatting playing, you would have had this waiting for me。You see my eyes were red with black, hurriedly asked how I was going。I began to cry for no reason, you Yibalaguo me into your arms, I wanted to resist, but the behavior is out of control thinking, I slapped his hands on your shoulders, you hold me tight, I passionate kiss on the forehead of one, I am drunk, my head buried in your broad shoulders, hold you burly body, your mouth close to my ear, you say:“I love you”。At this moment, as if I fell into a whirlpool of happiness, deeper and deeper; as if plunged into a quagmire sweet, and constantly falling。    You are my very vast sky, you are my practical and reliable manner。You taught me the sword fist, you catch butterflies and flowers I, you and I talk about poetic tea, as you shelter。    One day, you looked very sad。I ask you how the。You confided to me your life experience, Orbital you with tears, you say:“I gotta go。”I just stood in place for a long time without a word, and I think you make a pair of mountain Shenxianjuanlv, tea next month, before the flower poetry; I want you to do farming and husband Weaver marketplace in a pair, sunrise and do, while the average daily interest rate; even sleeping on the streets of hardy mandarin duck, wandering rivers and lakes swim female prodigal son, I willingly。I know you do not want to do fickle widowed meaning of Fuxin Han, however, you feel that love Roche orthodox blood, you are a big Qing Dynasty real dragons, you are the eyes of the Lord all the officials Mingjun。You are not only my own, you are hundreds of thousands of common people, you are stretching thousands of miles of magnificent scenery。I can not let you back on the teachings of love Jue Luo ancestors, can not bear to let you indulge in sex stupid is no way of infamy。All in all I am willing to endure in silence a person。I said:“You go!”You said:“I'll come back to you!”Looking at your shadow gradually away condensed into a dot, I tear stained skirt。    How many Chunhuaqiuyue sleep, I describe a situation Intrigue boat; how many sleepless summer winter night, I played a sad Acacia blood and tears of sorrow song。I wait until burnout and did not wait until your return。