, Chronic constipation, smoking, drinking, meals uncertain……These unhealthy lifestyle, are the major causes of。Once colorectal lesions, cancer will dramatically accelerate。Lifestyle, regular checkups to detect polyps in time, is the most effective way to prevent colorectal cancer。  Female friends lose weight and beauty of science, constipation patients in addition to quantitative eat some doctors out of laxatives, can eat more crude fiber foods, achieve catharsis through improved diet, in addition, the recent popularity of the treatment of colorectal world constipation, clean the intestines have a good effect。Colon hydrotherapy with traditional Chinese medicine treatment of ulcerative colitis results are obvious reasons: 1.Chinese medicine with detoxification, blood circulation, remove rot myogenic effect, can rapidly improve symptoms, mucosal repair damage。  2.Administration of the drug and increase the depth of the contact with the intestinal range, the drugs directly to the lesion, and the protective film is formed in the intestine, promoting edema, inflammation, ulcer disappeared。  3.By effective cleaning intestinal mucosal injury helps to clear the intestine and the intestinal mucosa harmful microorganisms and toxic substances generated stimulating factor, and more easily absorbed drug acts locally。  How to care for the large intestine 1, the first day is the sun, because the sun can help our bodies better produce vitamin d, vitamin d helps to change the intestinal cell growth, prevent intestinal cancer we will appear, so stick the sun is to protect our stomach every day。
  2, the second is appropriate to eat some curry, curry contains because you can suppress some tumor angiogenesis, when we eat curry, when some of the cells of the stomach in the face of curry, there will be many will be killed, so also can protect our stomach。
  3, the third in the diet is to eat maize because maize contained in the cellulose is more and more, and the cellulose is prevented our gut likely tumor, inhibiting tumor growth, the cells can be secured in the state。
Further well protected stomach。