Sina Wall Street 16:00 GMT (Reuters) Russia's Interior Ministry on Friday announced that they have destroyed half a ton of banned black caviar。 These expensive caviar last month in a hearse which was found in the Russian Far East。
  According to Tass, the Interior Ministry spokesman said that these caviar is near a garbage dump Khabarovsk (Khabarovsk) destroyed。   These are collected from black caviar from endangered sturgeon fish。 Last month, this time loaded with a full half a ton of black caviar hearse is at high speed in the Khabarovsk region near the Chinese border were forced to stop by the police。 The driver and its partners claim that the car pull to the things they know nothing about – no one in the coffin, filled with caviar, caviar is also part in sacks, hidden under several wreaths。
  Tass reported that the two men are facing criminal charges。   Caviar production in Russia currently is under strict supervision。
In the Amur River (Heilongjiang) – Sino-Russian border is a long – arrest sturgeon behavior but was banned in mid-1958。