The disease mostly hot and humid summer, the disease often lead to anger, more older people will choose to use Cassia soaked in water to drink, can be considered a goal, and cassia seed soaked in water along with some other medicines can be a goal, because the Cassia special effects, then the compatibility of some other traditional Chinese medicine, summer can completely eliminate the disease。 1.Quhuo。 Available honeysuckle, chrysanthemum, astragalus three kinds of Chinese herbal soup to drink。 Production, the first of these three medicines soak for several minutes and then washing clean into the pot again, into the water, boiling the mixture gently boil for about 30 minutes, the concoction be drunk, but also in the concoction add honey or sugar in the drink, can play a role in clearing away heat。
2.Dampness heat。
Sultry summer weather, the body prone to symptoms of heat。 In view of this situation, the available Renhe barley porridge jujube drink, barley kernels are cracked is better to stay up all。
Barley kernels has a clear hot and humid, antiviral effect, but there jujube fill the stomach role。
3.Liver eyesight。
In the hot summer, if not promptly dissipate body heat, it is prone to head pain, irritability, gum and more, red or itchy eyes, poor sleep symptoms。
In this regard, chrysanthemum, Gou Qi, and Prunella mulberry leaves can be mixed with boiled water to drink, can ease hot flashes, reduce anger。
4.Laxative。 In the season of high temperatures, the body sweat more, faster water loss, dry stool prone to constipation situation。
At this time, Cassia soaked in water to drink, can play a very good eyesight, laxative, bowel role。
Cassia soaked in water before, it is best to Scoop yellowish as well。 Cassia will become relatively crisp fried after, more conducive to the dissolution of the active ingredient, and can prevent diarrhea。 Fives.Hot cold prevention。
Heat stroke, the situation is prone to heat a cold summer。
May be appropriate mulberry, bamboo, crushed mint, chrysanthemum put together with the boiler or jug with boiling water to drink, the heat of throat pain, and other symptoms Fengreganmao can play a role in the prevention and treatment。 At the same time, there is the role of Shufeng solution table, heat fluid of。
Health Chinese Xiao Bian Tip: Cassia efficacy results is good, but drinking the dose must control each herbs are best not more than 10 grams, or can not some people's body will accept the other elderly, infants, mothers or menstrual women are not fit to drink。