Rome had won the Serie A championship Batty said he was optimistic about the Roma out of Barcelona in the Champions League quarter-final, a moment of silence for the death of Astori。 Batty as a charity game, after a lapse of 15 years appeared in Rome's Olympic Stadium。
"Back to the Olympic Stadium, I'm excited。
"Batty told" Gazzetta dello Sport, "the interview said," This is the first time back here after I left Rome, I'm looking forward to。 Over the years, Rome has been the top teams, but something is missing。
Led by Di Francesco, Roman worked out very well。 The only reason Rome did not take the trophy is Juventus, Juventus too strong。
Barcelona out of the Champions League?Roma have the ability to Rome can beat any opponent in the quarter-finals。
"Prior to joining Rome, Florence Batty was in effect for many years, Viola he must mention the topic。
"Time to give small Simone years, he'd scored more goals。
He scored full of desire, and in front of it is very cool, small Simone is a young man interested in people。 Astori death?For all the recent events, I do not know what to say。 Really is a very heavy blow, no words can express how I feel at the moment。 Regardless of the club encounter any case, we must unite。 Really make people sad。 There is no need to say other words, the only moment of silence。
"Batty a player in Florence effectiveness nine seasons, 333 games and scored 207 goals, he is Viola's soul, but also the hero of the city of Florence。
In 2000, Batty turned to Rome, and Totti led Roma to get together with a third club in the history of Serie A championship。 (From the Stanford football off)。