Almost six weeks before the Washington Wizards had to accept the loss of key players – John Wall of the facts, but coach Scott – Brooks quickly gives the response measures to reshape the capital team this system – sometimes it, so the injury problems the team had become a catalyst for progress。
Washington Wizards after a relatively poor start to the season they have to solve problems in their locker room。 End the New Year, the team was back on track and return to the ranks of the playoffs, and headed toward home-court advantage in the playoffs。
But then they have to face a shock: – John Wall at the end of January had to undergo knee surgery, like a bolt from the blue hit the Wizards who。
Lost the absolute core of the team figure, coach Brooks had to change the team's style of play under his command: scoring burden will be spread over several players on the shoulder, and then focus on running the ball。
It now appears that such a deal is not bad, since the Wall absent, assists overall figures but rather the entire branch Wizards up。
Since Wal injury, the Wizards can send assists in each game night, during which time the league's leading performance。 Earlier, the Wall occupied in the team a lot of the ball, dribble every time he touches the ball every time, every game to singles times, although this is a strong point, but also hindered the game of fluency。 In both of these data, the Wall are ranked third in the league position, but only his efficiency level of the middle reaches of the league。 In addition, the Wizards in the early games of the season are sent out assists, "only" ranked eighth NBA。 Wal negative impact on the Wizards?This argument seems to be illogical, because he averaged sent out assists。
In addition to Maji Fu – Morris assist average figure increased from time to time, Bradley – Bill, little Otto – Porter and Thomas – Sartori Lansky these three men appear no small change。
Bill became a team leader is not next to the Wall, Bradley – Bill completely become the leader of the Wizards: Bill currently lead the Washington Wizards game play time (minutes), scoring (points ) and averaging the number (times) of the assists rankings。 Although the average score per game fewer points than before, but now no longer play the role of Bill 3D players, and became more of the ball and the team leader。
"Days without the Wall, he made rapid progress。
When the ball in his hand, he reads the game point of view are not the same, "and after the game between the Wizards and Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade praised Bill。
Such a thing to change the team also occurs in small roles Otto – Porter body。
In addition to Bradley – Bill Porter is now the team's second offensive option, he also took over part of the duties of the ball。 Now Potter's scoring average stabilized at the points – before a sub – shots and averaged only increased by 2 times。
In addition, Porter averaged also sent out nearly three assists per game。 Currently Wizards offensive efficiency as high, can enhance the presence of nearly 10 when Potter。
Kelly with small – Wu Bulei different, Potter when the ball is very good。
In this season, Wu Bulei made a leap of progress, but there is no Wall clever passing, his efficiency has become a low。
Since Wal absence, Wu Bulei averaging shot five times in the perimeter, shooting just 29%。
Thomas – Sato Lansky: great strides in true shooting percentage terms, only Wu Bulei%, only Bidi Mu -% Fraser a little better。 So who is the team the Wizards the highest true shooting percentage of people do?Thomas – Sato Lansky, he reached 68%, which is by far the biggest bright spot in the Wall injured since the team。
Wall to long-term truce since the news spread, many people are going to think the Wizards signed Yuedelike – Ross or Thailand – Lawson as an emergency field after the ball, but Sato Lansky proved the best Waugh Seoul has been a substitute in the team, he can make are more accurate than any other point guard in the decision。 This is a Titans team bench stand out。 The bench is often considered Wizards in the last few seasons the worst weakness。
Experienced anything like Brandon – Jennings, Trey – Burke or Ramon – after linebacker such Sessions, Sato Lansky proved their worth。
Each game, Sato Lansky debut just 30 minutes, you can use% shooting to win points, including three-point shooting as high as%。 In addition, Sato Lansky also smart enough to find his teammates, is averaging assists。 "His every night looking for his teammates on the court, he knows how to defend each other's good defender, but also know how to attack," Bill told CBS Sports reporter praised his teammates, "he intention and the will to play。
"After the Wizards lost Volta, starting five data。