Night network, network nightlife Wall Street FRANCISCO July 28 news, Venezuela's currency devaluation seems to enter free-fall, its exchange rate against the dollar in early 500 Bolivar against the US dollar plunged to 683.26 Bolivar。  According to the British "Financial Times" reported that in the past year, Venezuela's money supply rose 85%, while Bolivar on the black market value of less than 1% of the official rate as。  This is a crisis for the Venezuelan President Maduro (Maduro), the same is true for the Venezuelan economy associated with foreign enterprises, such as the US airline industry。According to reports, American Airlines (American Airlines) has been slashed for the Venezuelan Bolivar service and no longer accept purchase tickets, and warned the value of their holdings of 6.$ 2.9 billion in cash Bolivarian risk of further impairment。  Venezuela currency Kuangbian endanger the solvency of the country。Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) in emerging markets fixed income analyst Robert Tancsa pointed out that Venezuela's foreign exchange reserves over the past three months the average monthly decline of $ 1.6 billion to $ 15.5 billion。Recently Jamaica can get about $ 1.5 billion in debt after Venezuela, "but the recent debt agreement with Uruguay for a period of only a few days of relaxation, further options seem very limited," said Morgan Stanley report the case。  Morgan Stanley did not think China will rescue Venezuela: "We support China in view of the above to provide further financing cautious。According to previous reports, China has approved $ 10 billion in financing, including $ 5 billion for Venezuela's state oil company (PDVSA) capital expenditure projects, and the remaining $ 5.0 billion will be the sequel to the loan-for-oil deal。However, we must emphasize that these funds are often used for project cooperation with China, and therefore may not be used to pay off debts。"(Shofu compilation)