Guangdong Province, the Consumer Council that the defendant riding Wyatt Company in "Little Ming bicycle" APP on deposit in return instructions are standard terms developed by the defendant unilaterally limit the consumer's property rights to the deposit, in violation of the "Consumer Protection Law" Article 26 hereof also in violation of 10 departments such as the Ministry of transport issued the "guiding opinions on encouraging and regulating the development of the Internet rental bike" Article IV, paragraph (l) requires companies to establish and improve the user on a deposit refund system, accelerate the realization "that That charge rent, that is, that is still out "provisions。 Wyatt ride before the company did not establish a reasonable, feasible and adequate return a deposit guarantee mechanism, in order to avoid the follow-up to more users of a threat or property damage, the defendant respond to consumer adoption of newly registered deposit-free way to provide services。
  Guangdong Provincial Council believes, riding Wyatt's infringement caused extreme inconvenience to consumers in the Internet rental bikes process of consumption, processing and negative refusing to return the deposit to the consumer behavior also caused mental distress and unnecessary the burden, the defendant should be a public apology。   During the trial defense, the company said Wyatt ride it did not rule out the deposit address consumer, labor, tax, suppliers and other debt issues by way of liquidation bankruptcy。 Meanwhile, the company said Wyatt ride company has stopped operating, and no new users to register again, solemnly apologize to consumers and the community。
  According to the facts found in the trial, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court found as follows, and the court verdict, the defendant company as promised Wyatt ride refunded to consumers if they can not meet the commitment to return the deposit, the registration of new consumers pause a deposit, at the same time the date of entry into force of the decision within 10 days without charge a deposit refund will be deposited with a notary public "little Ming bicycle" to operate according to law, and not refundable deposit of consumer advisories。
  Wyatt riding company on the date of entry into force of the decision within 10 days to the public enough to know the way to the consumer true, accurate and complete disclosure of information on the deposit balance of payments, the use, refund and other related mechanisms, and processes involved in consumer security deposit, will be disclosed content to registered notary public notarized and registered with industrial and commercial administration departments for the record, etc.。 (Finish)。