Xinhua Rio de Janeiro, February 6 (Reporter Zhao Yan Chen Wei Hua) 6 Brazilian Federal Police to take action according to the command of the judiciary, the former Brazil's richest man Eike Batista's home property confiscation。  The action did not check the date of the CPC six cars, a piano, 16 watches, paintings and pieces of a 俄罗斯法贝 hot eggs, there are nearly 90,000 reais (about US 20.20,000 yuan) in cash and more than 3.70,000 reais (8.30,000 yuan) of other currencies。6 confiscated the car, including Lamborghini, Porsche Cayenne limousine。  Not checked these assets do not include previously frozen total deposits, stocks and bonds of 1.2.2 billion reais (2.700 million yuan) in assets。  Assets Batista relatives also were frozen this week。  According to reports, last year in early April, Rio de Janeiro state's Procuratorate requirements of the Brazilian Federal Police investigation Batista's OGX oil company under the name of, and found that listed companies suspected of hiding important information, defraud investors。The survey also found himself face Batista in private sale of shares they hold, side by personal Twitter account to promote the company operating in good condition, to encourage long-term investors and shareholders hold shares。  The 59-year-old Batista to mining started, to get involved in infrastructure, real estate and entertainment and other fields。In 2011, he was named Brazil's richest man and the world's eighth richest person with a net worth of $ 30 billion, "Forbes" magazine。  Since the failure of investment in oil, from the beginning of 2013, Batista's many enterprises have declared bankruptcy。Last September, Rio de Janeiro state's Procuratorate formally charged Batista, on charges including providing false information, alleged manipulation of financial markets。Batista If convicted, he faces 13 years in prison。