Suspended more than a year of a new shares issue, IPO restart so that everyone had the urge。 As of January 13, although there is not a listed company intends to complete the last step of issuing and listing; landing Exchange, but stalled more than a year of new shares IPO, after the gate opening has become issuers, underwriters eyes of the "official told us, "。。。China Insurance Regulatory Commission issued a document said it would launch historic stock of blue chip investment policy policy, risk capital dozen new GEM will soon have a new action。
Such as placement under the net inquiry Chutian Technology in a "people's livelihood Life – Traditional insurance products" figure, livelihood insurance claims two prices, total 200 million shares。。。As the main force to fight the new fund managers is how to participate in the new play?Wang Di (a pseudonym) Shanghai, a fund manager after the execution of the new shares shouted, "good luck."。
Turning dozen new tips, he said, one previous study of the fundamentals of the company, including research rally new process is very thorough, followed by issuers and underwriters as well as very good communication…On Saturday, Gujing Distillery announced that in order to further improve the efficiency of the company's own funds, the rational use of funds, the company's management to be no more than one hundred million yuan purchase of new shares。
Within the scope of this amount, the funds can be recycled。 All sources of funding for the company's own idle funds…Liu investors trading accounts morning to open the computer, he got hit new quota of 20,000 shares, the full amount of funds required to purchase nearly 400,000 yuan。
Funds are set in the stock market, where so much money to purchase it?On balance, Liu sold off their shares, funds for new play…January 7, A-share initial public offering (IPO) stock first single release available after the restart, I-Biological proposed public offering of 11 million new shares, four former shareholders of old shares public offering of 1425 shares。 Disclosure announcement the same day issued a new treasure all of the shares issued new shares。 I-Biological be the first implementation of the old shares of listed companies transfer program…。