Source: Chinese Life Network January 3 electric Earlier, an American Chinese American couple killed his 5-year-old daughter caused extensive hot。 Chen Mingming charged with murder, tampering with evidence and offenses against children, but at the time of sentencing, Stark County Prosecutor minus involuntary manslaughter in her plea agreement and initially accused of several charges。
According to previous reports, police said the Chinese mother to daughter fist Maul head repeatedly as the main cause of death。 At that time my father to see her daughter out of the mouth of green liquid in a hurry to take her to the toilet to wash your face, no longer find the breath, and immediately applied cardiopulmonary resuscitation, but in the end still died。
Defense lawyer Chen Mingming Drucker said the defendant told the police statement has been suppressed because of her limited English and American judicial system to understand, do not understand the Miranda warning content。 But prosecutors believe that psychological expert assessment records were not found Chen Mingming has battered woman syndrome。 Prosecutors also hope that defense counsel did not mention Chen Mingming battered case in court。
Ming Ming Chen also told the psychologist that she did not want to tell the real truth hurt her husband, her husband said, as long as she pleaded guilty, he can take care of their eldest daughter out of jail as soon as possible, otherwise it will be forced to live year-old daughter with others。
Chen Mingming before the time of investigation, the police say, she was only two hands, not four hands, but also work in restaurants and taking care of the children, so many things。
She also told police mentioned that Ai Xu Li is very obedient。
As for why will play daughter?Chen Mingming said, "I forgot, is very angry。
"Chen Ming Ming Zhao Liangjie husband had admitted tampering with evidence, obstruction of justice, abuse of corpse and children in danger and many other charges。 He was sentenced to 12 years in prison after the guilty plea, and after having served six years of a chance for parole。 (Chinese Life Network) Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。