What is a healthy diet recipes, today's society is very fast-paced, so a lot of people are not eating for special attention, in fact, this is wrong, then what is a healthy diet with recipes and night network to see what a healthy diet recipes have introduced it!There is a factor of what a healthy diet recipes With the accelerated pace of life, many people work pressure and stress as well as increase the pressure of life, not the normal diet in accordance with the law, but also affect health, along with improving the quality of life more and more people begin to pay attention to adjust the diet, how to adjust the diet of healthy eating has become a key to be how many people choose a healthy diet recipes to adjust the diet to achieve the objective of protecting the health and quality of life。Healthy eating is the key to life now, a lot of bad eating habits for many of my friends is a great harm, such as daily smoking and drinking often eat spicy food, it is easy hazardous to their health, so a healthy diet is important, What is a healthy diet recipes we briefly explain。As shown, a total energy limit: to gradually reduce energy intake, while the amount of the auxiliary physical activity。Healthy Eating mildly obese adult what recipes, weight loss per month?Preferably, a reduction of 125kcal per day?250kcal of energy intake。
Moderately obese adult than 2 kg weight loss per month?Preferably, reduced 510kcal per day?1280kcal of energy intake。2, moderate protein: while taking low-energy diet, the supply amount of protein should be 20% of the total energy supply?30%。If it blindly excessive intake of protein, can cause damage to the liver and kidney function。