Each girl has a dream, even if not pure, they still maintain a naive at heart, I would like fireworks general innocence Love!Some girls, Huaxin Love still like to dress up Barbie dolls; some like to watch the meteor shower, there's like a playground carousel, although not the same, but do not have a fleeting memory of ignorant youth。    Recall childhood, I have actually been deliberately archive。I know, warm and simple time is no longer possible turning back, so I never excessive luxury, but did not think much, just occasionally through school age campus life a little more bleak feeling nothing。As a result, when you see a few character cordial and very congenial friends with girls in different ways to miss the innocence of childhood, how much has this curious, but also very curious。    I remember approaching birthday, and I have other friends that want to celebrate for her, so she asked to:“By the way, tomorrow your birthday, what kind of gift you want it?”“Buy me a Barbie doll, right!”She replied with a slight whine gas naive tone。“what?No, how old you are, but also likes to play as a child stuff?”“Oh, is it so?I feel very good。”Although to hear her answer, I feel very naive, but people birthday tomorrow, she maximum, or in accordance with the right people!Also not to mention, this“Barbie doll”Also against me, she wants that section“Crystal Bride”Really can not buy, finally bought, or at a fast city, packed some dirty, let me good brother rubber seal Dayton graze in pencil in the only change its color, give gifts that day, I said to her :“It seems that you really like the Barbie ah, no wonder you have to wear this bridal makeup doll, like you, are bristling fringe!”She smiled and said to me:“Like me, so I like。”At this point, I really feel confused, shouted:“I give up!”That day, sleepy, just after the stroke of midnight a few seconds, a burst of musical ringtones thought, I saw a friend, was going to attack, but found that was a girl friend, she said:“In a few minutes there will be a meteor shower, you do not open the window and see?”I am speechless to open the windows,“Whirr!”The wind blew in, it is still winter, but where's the meteor shower,“what……sneeze!No, cheated, really small woman!”Is planning to shut the window, suddenly a few light across the eye from the occasion, it seems that there are so mean meteor shower, but I will now swift windows closed, wash my face immediately asleep, thinking:“What a silly interest!”Just rolled over, I want:“No, can not just forget, you have to give her a surprise job!”So a child, I was not sleeping I called her and told her:“Yes, I was standing on the roof just see a lot of meteor Leonid meteor shower, or you can also look up!”After I do not know how to talk, but that night, I finally settled down to sleep, and good Shen。    Maybe just have a chance, my friends and I go to the playground to play。Strange to say, in particular, played a stimulus“Brave wheel”After that, she even went to“Carousel”A district game。I am very curious and asked her:“How old you are, how also like to play this?”She said smiling:“I just love this!”I have some helpless crooked nod, he said:“Girls really unpredictable ah!”She sat looking at a brown-red at once with joy ringing ups and downs, was both envious and somewhat lonely。Envy, because her heart Wan Hui quality, until JobHunting still have a childlike heart; lonely, perhaps on their own terms, because it is always calm their own performance in reality, very calm, but the actual always afraid to own their own vulnerability foot forward, so very tired。She turned around to look at me smiling all he seems to have became an instant space with imagination, or is also a driving force。A life that is relieved only threw himself down the burden, will show the!    Every moment spent on the happy, I always have the treasure, if you want to write these stories pure soul in the autumn leaves start to fall, caught in a piece of notebook。When I was maybe seventy years of age then open this notebook, you will not have some feeling in it。Emotional world, I never expect too much, but also after spending the young, understand a lot。I am also very cherish this hard-won stories brought to every red leaves, because sincere, but also implies innocence, so it is worth more appreciative!Perhaps a woman's mind, we always see through a man, but one thing, I really understand the true feelings of sincere and mutual exchange and communication needs, bit of life also needs careful care!Perhaps in the future, there will be a favorite to do“Carousel”Girls, there will be like watching a“Meteor shower”Savage girl, or also still a favorite“Barbie doll”The woman, this time, I would really say to her:“You're Hey, I also to the force!Because I also began to understand!”