Remittance Network News February 4 – The EU Statistical Office (Eurostat) on Wednesday (February 4) released data show that, affected by the Christmas factors, the euro zone December retail sales growth in the third consecutive month, the rate increase more is hitting nearly eight-year high, oil prices may boost fuel sales。  Data showed the euro zone December retail sales month rate of moderate growth 0.Three percent, higher than market expectations 0.2%, from the previous value 0 Growth.6% increase on the repair 0.7%; retail sales annual rate of 2.8%, the highest since March 2007, the largest increase, the market is expected to grow by 2.0%, an increase from the previous value 1.5% growth in the cultivation 1.6%。   This suggests that the fourth quarter of 2014, consumer spending a boost to economic growth, the economy may help speed slightly compared with the third quarter, but the euro zone economic growth is likely to remain very mild。  Many consumers seem to be more confidence in buying big-ticket items, and the price is expected to fall in the next 12 months。European Commission survey released last week showed that consumer confidence in January rose to six-month highs。  Retail sales fall in oil prices imply or enhance the purchasing power of Europeans, if this trend continues, it may be contrary to expectations on the euro zone deflation will make consumers and businesses expect prices to fall further due to delayed procurement。Eurozone deflation threat has prompted the European Central Bank [microblogging] resorted to debt purchase plan to boost inflation。  Monthly rate point of view, as the economy improved in Spain, the country most consumer spending, followed by France and Germany。Month, food, beverages, tobacco, clothing, computers and fuel sales have appeared to rise。  Annual rate of view, Spain is still the largest increase in retail sales, consumer Ireland also open purse。Meanwhile, German retail sales to grow steadily, while French consumers more cautious, reflecting the more sluggish