Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 19 – Chinese ports play an important role in world trade, "more than 90% of our products by sea sold in more than 100 countries and regions。 "Guangdong Division Director Zhao Chaoyang Omar refrigerator company said the implementation of 'along the way' strategy has brought new opportunities for the Spurs get into some emerging market countries。
To Turkey, for example, after the opening of direct flights to the Turkish port of Nansha, Guangzhou, Omar exported to Turkey within a month of sailing, freight cost is saved half。 This saves time Omagh export cost, improve operational efficiency and competitiveness。 The first quarter of 2017, a total of Omar refrigerator export 1.21 million units, accounting for% of the total exports of domestic refrigerators。 Omar refrigerator just a port development in Guangdong and even our ordinary dividend beneficiaries。 More than 90 percent of China's foreign trade of goods by sea to complete, as a transport and logistics hub, China port plays an important role in the world export trade。
At present, the number of Yiduntaigang a total of 34, the port ranked in the world's port cargo throughput and container throughput in the top 10 Chinese ports occupy seven seats。 By the end of 2016, China's port-ton berths and 2317, was five years ago times。 Qingdao port 400,000 tons of ore dock, Ningbo, Zhoushan Port 450,000 tons of crude oil terminal, container three Nansha, Port Orchard, Chongqing and a number of key projects are built and put into use。
The world's largest and most advanced fully automatic four Shanghai Yangshan deep water port dock is expected to put into trial operation by the end of this year。
After the completion of operation, the throughput is expected to more than half of the entire Shanghai, to further strengthen the position of world's largest port of Shanghai。 As an important port maritime Silk Road, Shanghai greets the container cargo from 214 countries and regions, the future will continue to enhance its handling capacity。
Port accelerate economic transformation and upgrading of June 8, Qingdao cruise home port, under the witness of the ship, the Hong Kong side, customs and inspection and quarantine departments, postal ships from Spain, Italy, for smooth loading supplies on board, marking the Qingdao Cruise home port became the first successful implementation of imported goods for the cruise ship port Post。
As a result, Qingdao cruise home port will build Northeast Asia Cruise materials distribution base in the "Northeast Asia International Cruise Materials Procurement Center" goal。 As from Japan and South Korea closest cruise port, Qingdao cruise home port adhering to the "full license, the whole process, the whole logistics chain" business philosophy, to create Qingdao International cruise-led postal ship supply industry platform, the first to carry out global sourcing cruise supplies business, to create the Northeast Asia cruise ship goods distribution base, will greatly increase the number of berthing cruise home port of Qingdao in the future, it will greatly enhance its position in the global cruise industry and influence。 Cruise materials distribution base of the building, will bring considerable economic benefits。 To about a conventional 100,000 tons, passenger 4000-5000 people cruise for example, the only food a day trip on a spending about $ 50,000, calculated throughout the voyage In terms of five days, then a conventional cruise ship the amount of food a voyage of food consumption amounted to 1.5 to 1.6 million yuan, if the 1.5 million yuan terms, it is only required on 100 voyages over hundreds of millions。
While the total size of the growing Chinese ports to supply-side structural reforms as the main line, to speed up transformation and upgrading。
Port operations gradually extended from the traditional handling and warehousing services upstream and downstream industries, automotive goods quickly, cold chain logistics and other professional development and commodity trading。
To cruise as the representative of water leisure has become a new growth point, in 2016 the National Port International Cruise received a total of 218 million passengers, an increase of 79%。
"Wisdom of the port" into the future direction of change and innovation has become an inevitable move to the major ports of the world, "the wisdom of the port" represents the direction of future port development, restructuring and development of the key port。 Berth 14 in Xiamen Ocean Gate Terminal, "Ze spring" round container loading operations in an orderly manner。 However, but could not see shadows on the pier, computer-controlled crane, trailer, 24-hour operation, automation Quayside own catch me, put me back and forth to run their own car loaded containers……This is China's first with completely independent intellectual property rights fully automated dock – Xiamen Haicang open sea container terminal fully automated unmanned operation scene。
"All the container handling operations and storage, operations, such as turning box, by the machine automatically, truly fully automated!"Technical Director Wang Shen Yuan Co., Ltd. Xiamen Ocean Gate Container Terminal, said automated terminal complete systems by our independent research and development, is unique in the global terminal building automation。 Compared with traditional container terminals, docks around the clock fully automated production operations, the operator from the past into a "hunched, head down," the operational attitude of looking at the screen, move the mouse, only the total number of employment over the last 5% not only reduces the dock labor costs, minimize human contact with more to ensure the safety of personnel。 Institute of Water Transport Ministry of Transport Ni Peng said that the current competition in ports in the world becomes more complex, how to come out from the traditional competition, the continuing discovery of new growth points of interest, establish a stable, healthy and sustainable development model to form a lasting competitive advantage in the future will be a long-term challenge facing the industry during port。
(Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhao Wenjun) Editor: Fei Fan。