World Cup is in full swing, Argentina lost to France, Portugal lost to Uruguay, both stop 16。Last night, the Spanish giants 3-4 loss to Russia, has been eliminated。  Out of order in the quarter-finals, is entirely microblogging list ranks the forces ah!  Existing several teams seemed addition of some title hopes, especially in the game against Argentina, the French team has been considered to have "champions phase" of a team。  The main selling gas stove Vantage, every World Cup, the French team bundled with marketing, but also bet on a treasure。  At that time, netizens commented: "Rest assured, the French crown can not be won."。  However embarrassing it is that listed companies limit the share price today。  France won the Vantage will not have to pay even underwear are not left?  May 30, Vantage issued a public notice, if the French team won the World Cup in Russia in 2018, Vantage will buy a "winning package" during at 0:00 on June 1, 2018 to at 22:30 on June 2018 day consumers full refund of activities。  Vantage has signed before officially become an official sponsor of the French national football team, has signed again with the French legend Thierry Henry as the brand ambassador。  Vantage shares then become the focus of discussion nowadays fans ridicule – not just bet the company's French team performed well, compared to other dazzling marketing campaign, simple and crude, "the French team win, Vantage full refund" slogan but leaving the public impression profound。  Vantage shares marketing campaigns show to celebrate Zhu Huadi officially became an official sponsor of the French national football team, if the French national football team in the 2018 World Cup win in Russia, for the purchase between June 1, 2018 to June 30 date Vantage " win packages "of consumer products in accordance with the invoice for a full refund。  The French team very strong after nearly eight, Vantage has made a poster!Activities for a further three days!  Users all ignorant, if the French team really win, whether the company will refund the cost of greater?  According to reports, Vantage shares of securities on behalf of Wang Zhao Zhao said: if the French team to win really, really paid the cost of getting bigger, but that in our annual marketing budget, will not have a significant impact on company performance。And we have 120 dealers, and distributors with headquarters bear the costs of marketing, headquarters paid electricity supplier channels, the dealer payline channels, which also largely share the marketing costs headquarters。Moreover, even to the last payment, we actually also paid the cost price。  According to the Securities Times reported ē company, officials say: the company prior to carry out this campaign has already paid for the cost of activities that may have been generated estimates are in the company's annual marketing budget and will not cause significant performance of listed companies Impact。  For this event, the dealer under section line marketing efforts even more than the headquarters, for dealers, they will make the relevant preparatory measures in advance to deal with the financial pressure that may arise。And this event at mass level has been widely spread topic, potentially also reducing the cost of marketing investment company needed follow-up, data from the terminal, the effect of this event may invest huge marketing costs to be more than some companies it is good。  Although marketing good results, but the company's share price today, July 2, but the limit?This is how fat thing?  Beijing, Tianjin Vantage Gas Appliance Company property was recently seized Message level, according to the Beijing Morning Post reported June 29, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, the second People's Court issued a notice, ruled the seizure Beijing, Tianjin Vantage Co., Ltd.。Previously, the general manager of the company for the Beijing-Tianjin Vantage liabilities billion, due inability to repay missing。  According to insiders, the company has lost contact with the general manager of Beijing and Tianjin Shi Yuri, Beijing and Tianjin, the company is the second largest distributor Vantage shares。In recent years, as companies blind expansion, the Treasury backlog of more and more, increasing financial pressure, a step by step trouble。  According to China Business Times reported that Wang Wei is Vantage Co., Ltd. Beijing and Tianjin sales company legal representative。June 21, he wrote to the Vantage Co., said because the large backlog of inventory, and owed a lot of debt, has been unable to withstand the pressure。  He also wrote to a friend at least two Vantage dealers, hope they help take care of his family。After that, he lost contact with his son (Tianjin Vantage sales company responsible person), has more than ten days。  Wang Wei dealer friend, said Wang Wei cause of the exodus are many reasons, both the causes and reasons for the market aspects of the company, there are reasons for its sales of。  Many listed companies have to pick up as a sales basis, sales of goods withdrawn even out, Vantage, too。Vantage Beijing-Tianjin region is the second largest market, pick up large and has a 20% increase per year, with dealers bill of lading to the bank loan, the bank will charge a 30% deposit, the money into the Vantage Co., Ltd.。As a debtor, the dealer responsible for repayment of bank loans in the Days Sales Outstanding。  Vantage is currently self-employed sales channels is very small, the vast majority are sold by large chain enterprises, payment of general contract is 45 days, but the reality is often more than two months。2% penalty dealers able to fulfill the sales tasks, according to the value of delivery。If the slow payment, sales are sluggish, the backlog is inevitable, financial constraints will be inevitable。  According to some insider, Wang Wei, real estate in Beijing, Tianjin, have been mortgaged to the bank, also borrowed more than 10 million employees, friends, etc. owed more than 10 million, plus the overdraft and other credit card, it is estimated that Wang Wei's debt has reached 100.About 500 million yuan, more than 100 million backlog of inventories。  In order to address the plight of Beijing and Tianjin, the company's sales, Wang Wei worked with Vantage Co. talks, the two sides reached a preliminary intention, sent by the Beijing-Tianjin Vantage to check the inventory, inventory value play Qizhe by Vantage responsible for repayment, but Wang Wei Hua Dili to pay interest。  After an initial agreement reached with Vantage Wang Wei, executive also proposed to pay double interest。June 20, the employees of this loan repayment date, Wang Wei lost to chose。After Wang Wei lost contact, June 28, Vantage Co., Ltd. to apply for property preservation Zhongshan City Second People's Court。The preservation period were the freezing of bank deposits and other funds a year, seizure, seizure of personal property two years, seizure of property, freezing of other property three years。  According to the Daily News reported that Vantage shares official said: "We confused, thinking (Beijing-Tianjin Company) is Vantage's company, but not really, it's just a Vantage dealer, the dealer is the behavior of individuals led to the middle there have been some problems。From the beginning of last week, Vantage has gradually taken over this issue, and has properly handled, did not affect Vantage marketing and operations, everything is normal。"The Vantage official micro also made a statement: Recently on the Beijing-Tianjin agents for unknown reasons lost to the issue, in this statement: everything from the interests of consumers, expressed regret on the Beijing-Tianjin Vantage agency lost contact regarding all market activities as usual!