Premier Li Keqiang: April 11 morning in Zhongnanhai met with Mrs Lam said that this year, the central government should study the development of Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area development plan, will launch the "bond links" between the Mainland and Hong Kong, the purpose is to further close exchanges and cooperation Mainland and Hong Kong, continue to inject new momentum for the development of Hong Kong。  State Department: agreed to withdraw Yuhuan County, the establishment Yuhuan county-level city, in the original administrative region Yuhuan County Yuhuan city administrative region。Yuhuan City People's Government is still in the 6th Street East Tamaki Road。Yuhuan City, directly under the Zhejiang Taizhou escrow。  Academy of Social Sciences: On the whole, China's economic growth in 2017 will be in the mid 6.5% to 6.7% range, its growth rates will show a "high to low" trend。Our growth rate is expected in mid-2017 will be slightly higher, but not more than 3.0%; three year growth.Close to 5%, and show a "high low" trend。If the economic growth rate began to fall in the third quarter of this year, when monetary policy may show a "former tight loose" situation。  NDRC: 2017 New issuance of the main points of the national institutional innovation in。Which called Shanghai Pudong New Area and strive to deepen the reform and innovation of free trade test area, promote scientific and technological innovation center building and promoting new as on social governance innovation, and comprehensively promote the construction of free trade pilot area; Tianjin Binhai New Area to accelerate the construction of Tianjin Binhai Science Park and the "double create "demonstration base, to promote the construction of comprehensive reform pilot area of Beijing, Tianjin explore innovation; relying on Zhejiang Zhoushan Islands District Zhoushan Port and Zhoushan Sea Combined comprehensive free Trade zone service Center building, exploring free trade port construction。  General Administration of Customs: for 7 Daxin has set up a free trade area experimental aspects were developed 5 25 support measures。These measures involve customs supervision system innovation, promote trade facilitation; foster rule of law in the business environment, to maintain order and fair trade, etc。Measures highlighted the strategic positioning 7 different test large free trade area, and a clear focus on the development of various industrial free trade zone。  Central Bank: do not carry out reverse repo operations for the 12th consecutive suspended open market operations; due to the $ 20 billion that day reverse repurchase expires, to achieve a net return of 20 billion yuan the day, the 12th since the cumulative net capital return 450 billion yuan。  Central Bank: As of the end of March a total of 59 foreign central banks to enter the inter-agency class bond market。  Xinhua News Agency: the central bank in the open market "do anything", has stabilized, confidence in the market for the better emboldened。Looking to the future, outside the Federal Reserve may continue to raise interest rates, there are many uncertainties in the world economy, there are still to stabilize the foundation consolidation, arduous task of preventing financial risks, monetary policy needs to move the camera and can not be taken lightly。  Statistics: will be released April 12th March CPI, PPI data。By food prices, the market generally expected March CPI increase is expected to remain at 0.8% -0.About 9%, while PPI rose year on year may slightly down。  The Shibor: continued to fall: report 2 overnight Shibor.4080%, down 3.40bp; Shibor 1 cycle packets 2.6870%, down 2.00 basis points; 2 Cycle 3 report Shibor.1897%, down 3.06 basis points; a 4-month Shibor report.0382%, down 3.64 basis points; three-month Shibor report 4.2774%, down 1.32 basis points。  Industry News CIRC: CIRC solvency supervision of training courses held as scheduled。At the meeting summed up the official implementation of the "China risk-based solvency system" since the year achieved initial success, the next step will launch the second generation of compensation "Phase II", to further improve the regulatory rules。  Zhejiang SASAC: Do not forget, Zhejiang Agricultural Seed Industry Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Medical University Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Provincial Planning and Design Institute, Hangzhou Thermoelectric Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang five companies selected the first batch of Zhejiang state-controlled mixed ownership employee Stock ownership pilot list。  The total iron data: national rail freight after falling for the past five years, finally achieved growth in 2017, the first quarter of 2017, the national railway freight volume 7.2.4 billion tons, an increase of 15.29%。Among them, in March 2017, the national railway freight volume 2.5.4 billion tons, an increase 16.3%。Bureau of Urumqi in which the largest increase, up to 48.3%。  Economic Information Daily: China will continue to operate export-oriented refinery's main units。Given the current control measures is not perfect, and the country's growing dependence on foreign oil, the possibility of the country in the short term to Make oil products export liberalization of ground is relatively small。  Group: resumed after a lapse of 13 years of general trade exports of refined oil。Qingdao Petrochemical first shipment of diesel oil products export trade since built recently for the first time to Singapore。In the industry view, this highlights the status of domestic oil consumption of saturated。  NDRC: electricity prices nationwide decided to carry out a special inspection。Check the contents include three aspects: First, sales price, electricity transmission and distribution policy implementation; the second is the difference in price, the implementation of the price ladder policy; third is the implementation of environmentally friendly pricing policy。  Wikipedia information data: Shandong, Henan and other places methanol business collective price increases, Hebei region for nearly a week also continued price increases, the average hike of 30 yuan -70 yuan / ton, ranging in 1% -2%。  State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television: recently issued the "printing industry" Thirteen Five Year Plan "period" clearly, to "Thirteen Five" period, the green printing output value accounted for print output value accounted for more than 25% compound annual growth in digital printing more than 30%。  Global market research firm DRAMeXchange advice: first quarter downturn in global demand for smart phones, the number of major plant production in the first quarter have been revised down。The first quarter of 2017 the number of global smartphone mid produces about 3.0.7 billion, quarter decline of 23%。Estimated smartphone only single-digit quarterly growth rate of the number of production performance in the second quarter worldwide。  TV Plus: Due to regulatory factors, will not acquire US company Vizio TV manufacturers, the company will explore other ways to integrate music as a content company to Vizio devices。US division plans to lay off about 175 people, making the local scale down to about 300 people。  Taking Stock Commission: Review by Yantai Zhenghai Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Citizen Electronics Technology Co., Ltd., Suzhou Jing Rui Chemical Co. starting applications。  The Shenzhen Stock Exchange: "Shenzhen Stock Exchange business management guidelines" will take effect May 1, 2017, individuals and institutional investors generally need permission to open under the name of daily securities assets of not less than 300,000 yuan。  The board's: China's stock market last week, the number of new investors 22.850,000, the former value 47.090,000, a decrease of 51.48%。  Insured Fund: last week (Apr 5th – April 7), securities transaction settlement funds into the securities transfer amounted to 389.6 billion yuan, roll-out amounted to 307 billion yuan, a net outflow of 82.6 billion yuan securities。  Xinhua News Agency: financial fraud, high transfer "routine", "Fudge-style" restructuring, "eat with ugly" style of clearance all the chaos holdings reflect some listed companies impetuous "business mentality"。Whether playing routine or "stingy", the regulatory authorities should come up with "long teeth" specific measures, the punishment of the punishment, the delisting delisting。  Securities Times: second session of National People's Congress NPC Standing Committee 93rd chairman of the meeting clearly the time and agenda for second session of the seventh meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, the NPC Standing Committee twenty-second session revised draft seven meetings will be held April 24 to 27, the meeting will be considered by investors concerned about the "Securities Act"。  HKEx: Charles Li, Chief Executive Officer, said, "through bond" No clear definite timetable, but the discussion is progressing well。At present time it is still not released "through bond" relevant details, related institutions and regulatory authorities still need time to discuss, after completion will be announced in due course。  : Purchase and April 12, King through life purchase code 300642; is the wisdom yuan purchase code 300 645。  Data Overview tab number: online purchase in the ballot numbers released, a total of 46,620, each ballot number to subscribe 1,000 shares only。The end of the "four" digits: 5028,0028,9817; end of the "Five" digits: 65763,78263,90763,53263,40763,28263,15763,03263,83607; end of the "eight" digits: 14032580,64032580; end "nine" digits: 062 735 067。  No success: online purchase in the ballot numbers released, a total of 22,473, each ballot number to subscribe 1,000 shares only。End "4" digit 5889,0889; end of the "5" digit 04271,24271,44271,64271,84271; end of the "6" digit: 064433,264433,464433,664433,864433; end of the "8" digit 54205317 , 79492769,60642627。  Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets: stock index volatility continued upside momentum Tuesday, intraday stepped back 30 day moving average, and ultimately closed up slightly 0.6% end of the day's trading to close at 3288.97 points。Volume continued to enlarge the two cities a total turnover of 710.1 billion yuan, hit a new high this year。  Hong Kong: As of Tuesday's close, the Hang Seng Index down 0.72% reported 24088.46 points; down 0.86% reported 10165.98 points; down 0.91%, reported 399.86 points。Market turnover was 76.8 billion yuan。  Shanghai and Shenzhen-Hong Kong: April 11 -6.$ 3.4 billion balance day 136.3.4 billion yuan; net inflow through the deep femoral 2.$ 7.1 billion balance day 127.2.9 billion yuan; day net inflow of capital to the north -3.6.3 billion yuan。Tong Hong Kong (Shanghai) inflows 9.5.9 billion yuan, the date of the balance 95.4.1 billion yuan; HK through (D) net inflow 2.$ 5.1 billion balance day 102.4.9 billion yuan; south to the capital the same day net inflow of 12.100 million yuan。  : As of April 10, the Shanghai Stock Exchange financing balance report 5392.8.8 billion yuan, an increase of 17 compared with the previous trading day.2.1 billion yuan; financing the balance of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange reported 3862.6.5 billion yuan, an increase of 23 compared with the previous trading day.3.2 billion yuan; two cities combined 9255.5.3 billion yuan, an increase of 40.5.3 billion yuan。  Sewage treatment sector Nuggets: An male New construction will drive short-term Baiyangdian area directly related to the water environment ecological management investment 15.8 billion in long-term will drive over 35 billion investment in water environment ecological improvement。  Highly recommented:,,,,。  Clean Energy: Xiong County Government Sinopec join forces to promote the use of geothermal resources development and remarkable achievements。Geothermal development with a large initial investment scale, low-cost characteristics of post-operation。Mode Xiong County geothermal development has been the National Energy Board, widely recognized by all levels of government and the community。  It proposes a focus on: ,,,,, Hanzhong Seiki,。  Quantum computers: CAS President Bai Chunli 10th revealed, Chinese Academy of Sciences is developing China's first quantum computer, is expected to develop in recent years, it is expected to succeed; last year, China successfully launched the world's first quantum communications satellite, at the forefront of the world in terms of quantum communication。  Related stocks: ,, and seven shares。  Autopilot: ,, Google, Tesla ,, Ali, Tencent and other giants have the layout of the autopilot, and continue to increase investment。According to the relevant institutions, to 2020, the global space industry market autopilot 700 billion yuan, the domestic market over 2500-3000 one hundred million yuan。  Recommendations concern: ,,,,。  The newsletter: major issues related embodiment, the positive argument, continue to be suspended。  : To be every 10 shares 8 shares 1.00 yuan。  : To be every 10 shares 15 shares 0.30 yuan。  : 2016 net profit up by 28%, be 10 to switch 10 to send 5 yuan。  : To be 10 shares for every 10 shares, sending 2.00 yuan。  : The actual control of the original proposal was the high transfer program to send "10 rpm 20" to "10 turns 10"。  : 10 turn 30 to send 5 was changed to 8 yuan to send 10 turns 15。  : The original high-transfer program to send "10 rpm 30" to "10 switch 10 to send 0.84 yuan "。  : Adjusting Gaosongzhuan plan 10 rpm 20 1 yuan。  Soling shares: proposed to the original high-transfer program to send "10 turns 20 1 yuan" to "10 switch 10 to send one yuan"。  : The original high-transfer program to send "to send 10 turns 20 0.25 yuan "to" 10 turns 15 School 0.4 yuan "。  Beijing property market observation: three departments interviewed the chain of home network, I love my home network, and other information publishing site listings, the site posted information about illegal activities such as bogus listings proposed specification。If the site there are "unlimited appreciation potential," "mixed-use", "school district housing" and other words, it will be a thorough investigation。  Guangzhou: king room on the 11th data center to data released last week (April 3 to April 9) Guangzhou, the city's total net signed 1571 first-hand residential units, the chain last week (March 27-April 2 ) of 5893 sets, shrunk 73.34%, average turnover also been hit, recorded 15,331 yuan / square meter, down 14.25%。  Hong Kong: For the recent property market "a deed multi-partner" to avoid stamp duty, the Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying said it would tighten the Stamp Duty Ordinance, if a contract to buy more than a group, to be paid 15% of the stamp duty with effect from April 12th。  Hainan: to strengthen market regulation。Adhere to the "house is to live, not to fry" positioning, and take various measures to curb speculative buying。While strengthening the commercial network to sign the record, the record price of real estate management, etc.。  Economic Information Daily: front page published an article that recently disclosed in annual reports of listed companies shows that bad because the main profit, a number of non-listed companies select "selling blood" performance。If the real estate is not an early return to live in property, the speculative investment demand to support the real estate feast would not be San Xi, the next scene of listed companies "selling blood" performance will be staged。  Yangzhou: provision within the city limits residence households own a second home and above, within the city limits of non-residence households have the first set of housing and above, self made "house ownership" or "real property right certificate" is not 2 years, and shall not be traded。Notary public shall not apply protocol procedures。  International Outlook Eurozone: Industrial production up by February 1.2%, expected 1.9%, before the value 0.6% correction 0.2%。  Germany: ZEW economic sentiment index for April 19.5, expected 14.As shown, the previous value 128.8.April ZEW economic conditions index 80.1, expected 77.5, before the value 77.3。  UK: March CPI ring than 0.4% is expected 0.3%, before the value 0.7%。March CPI up by 2.3%, the expected 2.3%, the previous value 2.3%。  Federal Reserve Chairman Xi Yelun: currently close to neutral monetary policy stance。If the economy continues to perform well, it is reasonable to raise interest rates gradually。We do not want to be forced to raise interest rates too quickly。The US economy is very healthy; inflation close to the target level; unemployment 4.Slightly less than 5% of "full employment" status。  Reuters: Saudi Aramco Board of Directors May 10 will be in Shanghai to discuss the business plan, investments and the sale in 2018 of up to 5% of the shares of preparing matters。A subsidiary of ICBC International Holdings, and China International Capital Corporation and other banks are interested in participating in the IPO Saudi Aramco.  UK: Retail sales in the first quarter the lowest growth rate in nearly a decade, inflation is caused by compression consumer spending; the United Kingdom in March BRC overall retail sales annual rate recorded in August 2015 the biggest drop; UK BRC retail spending in March compared with the same period last year drop 0.2% position in August 2016, the first drop; UK 2017 first quarter total retail sales annual rate 0.1%, the highest since 2008, the lowest level。  SternRTL Poll: German election, the CDU was still supported by German Chancellor Seoul is located in the first place, 36%; the Social Democratic Party also pursued, the support rate rose slightly to 30%; extreme right wing "Party of Germany Select" support rate unchanged at 8%; thereafter the Greens, the left Party, the Liberal Democratic Party support rate of 7%, 8% and 6%。  IFOP poll: French presidential candidate Le Pen's support was 24%; Make Hong support was 23%; Melenchon's support rate was 19%; Fillon's support rate of 18.5%; Amon support 6%。  RMB foreign exchange broadcast: onshore renminbi against the dollar at 16:30 on April 11 to close at 6.9030, 22 points higher than the previous。The central parity of RMB against the US dollar reported 6.8957, up 85.00 points。  USD: US dollar index fell 0.31% reported 100.7144; the euro against the dollar rose 0.08%, reported 1.0606; pound against the dollar rose 0.61%, reported 1.2493; US dollar against the yen fell 1.09%, reported 109.6430; US dollar against the Canadian dollar down 0.04%, reported 1.3324; US dollar against the yuan fell 0.165%, reported 6.8892。  Domestic futures market: As of the afternoon of April 11 closing, bifocal lower, down over 5% of coking coal, coke fell nearly 5 percent, thermal coal fell over 2%; chemicals, generally weak, asphalt down over 6%, Shanghai zinc, glass down over 3%, down over 2% methanol; mixed, most received red fuel oil, palm oil but fell almost 2%, corn starch 2% down over。  Gold: COMEX6月黄金期货收涨 20.US $ 30 or 1.6% reported 1274.20 US dollars / ounce, a record closing high of about five months。  Crude oil: US WTI5月原油期货收涨 0.US $ 32, or 0.60%, 53 reported.US $ 40 / barrel。June Brent crude oil futures closed up 0.US $ 25, or 0.45%, 56 reported.US $ 23 / barrel。    US stocks: Dow on Tuesday fell 6.72 points, or 0.03%, reported 20651.30 points; index fell 3.38 points, or 0.14 percent reported 2353.78 points; Nasdaq fell 14.15 points, down 0.24% reported 5866.77 points。  European stocks: the pan-European index closed slightly STOXX600 0.02%, reported 381.18 points; while the British FTSE 100 index was up 0.23%; German shares DAX index ended down 0.5%; CAC40 index method shares fell 0.11%。  Asia: Nikkei 225 index closed down 0.27% reported 18747.87 points; Japan's TOPIX index closed down 0.30% reported 1495.10 O'Clock。Seoul Composite Index closed down 0.39% reported 2123.85 points。