Financial newspaper (Hong Kong) News United States on Tuesday (March 20) to rise, because the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) began a two-day meeting, the national biennial bond yields rose to 9-year high, five-year bond yields hit a 7-year high。   Year US Treasury yields reached%, the highest level since August 2008, five-year US Treasury yields hit a percent, the highest since April 2010。
  (Two-year and five-year US Treasury yields trend Source: FactSet's, FX168) at the same time, the US market late trading, the benchmark 10-year bond yields of about%, while the 30-year US Treasury yields for%。
And inversely proportional to the price。   Leaders of the Federal Open Market Committee Tuesday held a two-day monetary policy meeting, expected the federal funds rate will be adjusted。 Policy sectors is expected to raise interest rates for the first time in 2018, which will be appointed by the new Fed chairman Powell led the first rate hike。   "Meeting interesting part is to look at other projects: Bitmap how it looks?"Director and General Manager CrossmarkGlobalInvestments head of fixed income VictoriaFernandez said," These points began to rise yet?But I think the risk-free rate of return greater than the upside risk of falling……You've started to see some price to be digested, and we were the fourth rate hike in December, nearly 40% probability。 If we can not get it, it would be an accident。
"Although investors are eager to know whether the Fed really raise interest rates, but they will also pay close attention to whether the Federal Reserve will comment on inflation, the United States and other key economic and political topics。 With the fluctuations in debt yields, long-term amendment to its expected rate hike may affect the timetable。
  Despite the recent trade has shaken up the market, but the Fed may choose not to mention the topic of a potential trade war, in order to maintain market stability。
  Fernandes added: "If we look at the testimony he did earlier this month, he was careful to avoid being dragged into the conversation。 However, he quite frankly, afraid to answer questions。 Powell will be very well thought out。
I'm not sure whether he was dragged into the tariff issue。