Rich in insoluble fiber, will help protect the digestive system functioning。
It is working together with soluble fiber can lower blood concentrations of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, increase the residence time of food in the stomach, delayed glucose absorption rate after meals, reducing high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular the risk of disease。
  Including cereals, legumes heteroaryl, and tubers。
Strengths of various nutrients contained in whole grains, oats are rich in protein, rich in tryptophan, carotene, iron and B vitamins, high-quality beans are rich in protein, fat, sorghum rich in fatty acids, as well as a wealth of iron。   Spring is the season of frequently-occurring disease, so eat can enhance their immune system, help our health care。 We recommend six kinds of whole grains usually can eat, good for you, here we take a look at it。   1.  Also known as corn, contains vitamins, amino acids, fat and carbohydrate, high nutritional value, especially in carotene and vitamin B1 content of more high。 For elderly patients and mothers, it is highly desirable that tonic。
  The most common practice is to porridge, with a variety of mix to make different flavors of porridge, with good nutritional and medicinal properties。
Ground into a powder, can be prepared pastries, delicious。
  2.Corn Corn is a lot of people really like the food, delicious, high nutritional value。
It cellulose-containing particularly high, and the cellulose can accelerate intestinal motility, reduce cholesterol absorption, the prevention of coronary heart disease。   Corn also contains large amounts of magnesium, magnesium may enhance intestinal peristalsis, and promote the excretion of body wastes, very beneficial for weight loss。 Corn can only cook, but also directly as a snack food, dishes are common corn stewed pork ribs, corn, fried green beans, etc.。   3.Barley Barley is rich in linoleic acid, vitamin, easily digested and absorbed, have a good effect to reduce the burden on the stomach, enhance physical fitness。 Medicinal value is also high, have a good anti-cancer effect。 In addition, barley is also a beauty food, eat it regularly can keep delicate skin luster。
  Stomach drink barley porridge, barley porridge lotus lily, with barley, to the heart lotus, lily, stew into rice, barley first, lotus, lily boiled, then with rice gruel, then an appropriate amount of honey and seasoning, with the lungs and diarrhea, skin health beauty role。   4.The reason why the color black rice black rice with other rice different, mainly because it is outside of the cortex contain anthocyanins pigments。
The manganese, zinc and other minerals than rice large high 1?3 times。
Rice also contains special ingredients lacking in vitamin C, chlorophyll, anthocyanins, carotenoids and cardiac glycosides, etc.。
  Mi Bipu over black rice more nutritious, is a rare tonic, can significantly improve the human hemoglobin and hemoglobin content, it is conducive to the health of the cardiovascular system。
Regular consumption of black rice black hair moisturizers can prolong life。   Fives.Sweet potato protein content is not high, but over the amino acid structure, the body may be added to a variety of essential amino hormone, and sweet potatoes and mucus glycoproteins rich in proteins, glycoproteins effectively enhance immunity of the body, it has good resistance mutations role of mucus protein on the human body has a special protective effect, it can slow down the aging organs, improve immunity。
  Sweet potato contains large amounts of dietary fiber, can not be digested and absorbed in the intestine, can stimulate intestinal, enhance peristalsis, bowel detoxification, especially for the elderly constipation has a good effect。
Be sure to pay attention when eating steamed cooked sweet potato。   6.The main component yam yam starch, part of which can be converted to a decomposition product of starch, dextrin can help digestion, it can be eaten raw yam food taro。   Soap yam yam can speed up the metabolic rate of cholesterol in the human body, high levels of cholesterol so people can eat yam cardiovascular health。
And yam can effectively prevent precipitation of lipids in the blood vessel wall, prevention of cardiovascular disease。