Tencent securities FRANCISCO, March 22 afternoon, according to the US financial website CNBC reported that the European stock markets opened slightly lower on Thursday, after the Federal Reserve hiked interest rates by 25 basis points on Wednesday afternoon local time, also hinted that this year will raise interest rates two secondary。 The Stoxx Europe 600 index opened down percent, to points。
Germany's DAX index opened down 1 percent at point。
Britain's FTSE 100 index opened down percent, to points。 French CAC40 index opened down percent, to points。 At press time, the dollar index fell percent,。 Euro / dollar rose percent,。 In Asian trading, the market choppy, because the Fed had announced the first interest rate increase in 2018。 The US central bank Zhou Sanxuan local time in Bucharest interest rates by 25 basis points, which will push its federal funds rate rose to% to% range。
At the same time, the Fed announced that the remainder of the year in the bank may also raise interest rates twice。 In addition, the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates also predicted that in 2019 twice。
In the policy statement after the meeting, the Fed also raised its forecast for US economic growth this year and next year,。 The statement said, in recent months, the US labor market continues to be strong, economic activity grew at a steady rate。
Strong employment growth, unemployment rates remain low。 Compared with the fourth quarter of 2017 Annual recent months US household consumption and business fixed asset investment growth tended to moderate。
Inflation remained below 2%。 2017, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates a total of three times, the federal funds rate to a range of upgrade from %% %%。
Local time Thursday morning, the dollar index against a basket of currencies fell slightly after the Fed announced after the rate decision and policy statement, the dollar plunged, hit the biggest decline in two months。 Earlier, the market expected the Fed will be more hawkish remarks。
At the same time, US President Donald Trump (Donald Trump) has signed a decree from March 23 on imports of steel and aluminum products were 25% and 10% levy tariffs。 In recent days, this practice was widespread opposition from the United States and the international community。 Back in Europe, investors are still focusing on the Bank of England meeting。
Thursday at 20:00 GMT, the Bank of England rate decision and monetary policy meeting, the quarterly inflation report and no press conference。
The market expects the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney (Mark Carney) will continue to maintain the Bank of England to raise interest rates to go on the road in May。
In addition, European leaders will gather in Brussels to attend a two-day summit。
By then, they will be expected to a nerve agent attacks occurred in the United Kingdom to condemn Oh Ross, also confirmed that transitional period will be 21 months before the British completely out of EU。
(Yuet Wah)。