Wen / Zhang Jingwei US official to China pulled the trigger 301 investigation。
US Local 22, United States President Trump signed a presidential memorandum, based on the findings of 301, will be large-scale imports of goods from tariffs and restrictions on Chinese investment in the US corporate mergers and acquisitions。
Trump told the media before signing the White House, involving taxation Chinese goods to equal $ 60 billion。   The so-called 301 investigation, based on the US "1974 Annual Trade Law" subject to section 301, to investigate unfair trade acts in other countries, and through the implementation of tariff barriers to other countries to maintain the so-called US trade interests。 In the 1980's, the United States had started the investigation against Japan, together with the appreciation of the yen oppression Plaza Accord, the Japanese economy into a sustained recession until now。
Thus, the trade war bullet 301 survey issued against major trading partners, especially the strongest trading partner。   Stupid dog in the manger of China now more violent than the Japanese momentum of the year, China surpassed the United States was ranked the world's largest goods trading nation。 In this situation, the United States on China pulled the trigger 301 investigation, regardless of the so-called fair, just about the interests of the United States, namely the United States worried that China surpassed the United States。
  But China is not Japan, the US trade war would neither swallow nor signed as humiliating as the Plaza Accord in Japan。 Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Commerce has sent a clear signal to the United States。
One is firmly opposed to US unilateralism and protectionism; the second is to take all necessary measures to resolutely defend their legitimate rights and interests; Third, the United States will never accept the so-called Chinese economic invasion statement。
  Interestingly, the G20 finance ministers meeting in Argentina on the just-concluded US Treasury Mu Nuqin emphasized in the interpretation of aluminized steel tax policy, the United States does not fear to provoke a trade war。 This remark irony, from aluminized steel for global tax, to the exemption treatment to some of its allies, to 301 investigations, the US trade this strategy, everything is coming against China。 Japan and Europe plus Korea and Australia ink just a pawn in America's China trade war。
  The United States has pulled the trigger a trade war with China, China can only against。
Over the past year study will be special package of trade reached consensus and outcomes may come to naught, China can also be part of the holdings of US Treasury bonds, and proper restraint at US multinationals in China。
  US trade war is difficult to bear the huge cost of course is a zero-sum game, but the United States insisted that China only fight。 Two-horse race, Japan and Europe and other countries is also taking advantage of the EU, although the United States to negotiate an exemption handed him a candy, but the EU also stressed that all measures have been ready US trade war。
Therefore, this round of trade war the United States, and China is not only a war, and the world is the enemy。 Multilateral operations, although there are exemptions weapons, or use other trading partners to collectively pull China。
But the United States Trump priority utilitarian thinking has determined that no trading partner will really collective China and the United。
Bilateral or multilateral global trade disputes spared from war, after all, or the interests of the。   Therefore, the United States towards China 301 investigation, China will also impose the same or more trade counter-measures。 When domestic consumption has become the main engine of China's economy, China can afford to lose from trade with the US in。
US trade war with China can take the cost of it?  This amount is equivalent to ten large-scale infrastructure Trump plans to invest three percent, the United States large-scale damage to infrastructure planning, which is what the United States Trump then great core。 Visible, China trade war has shaken the foundation of Trump's governing objective and。
  Version deficit of the US and China have provided different statistical difference between the two countries nearly $ 100 billion, in this situation, bilateral trade between the two countries should be objectively analyzed, both sides recognized the trade imbalance figures in this conduct meaningful negotiations on the basis of。
  China trade war is eight hundred thousand kills self-injury, this is not a smart business move。
President Trump businessman, should be calculated and China trade war economic accounts。
Otherwise, this is a reckless, foolish and unwise game。   (Chahar Institute Senior Fellow, Financial Research Institute of Renmin University of China Chongyang Visiting Fellow)。