Frightening!Terracotta Warriors archaeological excavation team discovered supernatural events。
Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Dynasty artifacts, as well as preserved。
However, you did not think of, there has been a very terrible thing in archaeological team excavated terracotta Shique。
Want to know appalling!Terracotta Warriors archaeological excavation team discovered what exactly is it supernatural events, with a look and small series 6681!Frightening!Terracotta Warriors excavation discovered supernatural events in mid-19743 March, Lintong County, Shaanxi villagers Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum kilometers east wells, accidentally discovered a rectangular pit of the Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, in 1976 there are two terracotta warriors and horses pits appeared in the world the total area of 22,780 square meters three pit。 Among this group of terracotta warriors and horses of the discovery process is said to have fairy pointing, among the people, this statement widely circulated…… 1974 early spring every year, severe drought threatens western China Qinchuan。 Running an afternoon west Yangcun production team captain Yang Peiyan finally decided wielded hoe drew a circle on the foot of a rocky beach in irregular: "Right here, right。 "The next morning, under the leadership of the West Yangcun Yangquan Yi, Yang Xin Man, Yang sent six young adults, waving big hoe to dig in a circle drawn in Yang Peiyan。
When dug 1 meter deep, they unexpectedly found a layer of clay。
13 May 29。 When Yang hair hoe instant they go down again picked up there, Terracotta Warriors and Horses military array of the first piece of pottery unearthed。
Although the villagers had for a moment could not distinguish the brick is not the Qin brick, most people still would soon Qin brick looting empty。
Frightening!Terracotta Warriors archaeological excavation team discovered supernatural events news soon report to the center, under the direction of superiors, director of the State Administration of Cultural Heritage Wang Ye autumn led a crack archaeological team once again came to the West Yang Village, the villagers around the pit to the original excavation figurines foreign expansion。 I did not expect after the excavation, two weeks down, and did not even touched the edge of the pit figurines。
Far from large trees, a white-haired old man amused watching the excavation site EYE。
Too pull out when Cheng Xuehua and other archaeologists to explore shovel off hours, white-haired old man came slowly from tree to hold shovel Cheng Xuehua asked: "You shovel where there is no" simply shovel Cheng Xuehua received no answer, just head down to ask: "you see there is no" old man no longer silent, unhappy away。 The next day is still the case。 When the probe is moved away from the shovel figurines pit 100 meters away, and the old man walked listlessly in front of Cheng Xuehua: "You shovel where there is no" same questioning。
"You see there is no" same answer。