We walked away, turned back one by one, and then unknowingly, it is already a spring of。Day by day cold, into the shallow warm, I miss the snow filled Merlin, although that did not come out far, but to goodbye, but also rotate several seasons。    I like spring, flowers and other little by little red, I knew that was my favorite landscape, winter snow how beautiful, how beautiful it will be, I know they can not occur simultaneously, but not when will think when the flowers are blooming, the sky snow。    Fields began butterflies flying bee dance, spring and wind phase, kindergarten friends folded the peach, I think their youth do not know what, when and where months, I have started to learn to protect trees to protect the environment, but We lost all the young。    Everything we are as bright as the spring, when rain falls mountain, also fell a generous heart。Or the Smart heaven, or passing the call sign Lin Shao, all the way north。All the way toward the place I love, that has been inaccessible places in these no jump youth, time is a little flies, I am unable to retain live the seasons every winter to summer to spring and autumn disabled, stay in the memory the United States also always are magic, there is a little bit sad, ancient Qing Yin Xun, after I'm gone you can continue to listen, sing our songs。    I hear that quiet voice empty far, however, the United States and the lyrics will make people cry, until all trying her hand, but it is always empty。    Spring arrived, I saw many people like to open smile, the end did not come, then that is a new starting point。    I often look at the world under white as white moonlight, who of late have children curled up in a hurry to walk, or someone's voice broke the silence of the night, and then later everything will again silent, out of the window share of chill, the kind of lonely in the window, a little will not dissolve in a freehand ink Dan, let me not fall asleep。    However, it may be spring can not mention my feelings, and I was still looking forward to the arrival of snow no trace of the season, in the evening twilight falls, there is no embellishment flowers and leaves, no branches Yingti powder tenderness, calm down , you will hear the sound of snow rustled fall, will see the setting sun under the shade of trees, then I will feel beautiful, beautiful。    Seamless snow, the heart is also sad。    I would like to have such a season, full of spring flowers all over the place, I saw people I love snow covered shoulders, I was wasted time。Who can understand my state of mind。    I'm still so。Still in the city, to walk safely。