Shaanxi scenic sculpture by tourists climb the influence of the Red Army not eligible, a || 4, the National Tourism Administration informed the recent tour of adverse events, Yan Qi Lee County Youth climb of the Red Army statue in the tourism process, is included in the national tourism tourists uncivilized list, the poor record retention period of 10 years。
It is understood that following the establishment of record system adverse tourists National Tourism Administration, informed the visitors included in the national record of personal bad, bad record second example will be communicated in the national tourism industry, tourism activities may affect tourists。
Shaanxi Red Army crawl inside someone's scenic sculpture of two years shall not be eligible, Grade someone broke the news, in Yan'an City, Shaanxi Province Qi County, the Central Red Army victory Victory Hill Memorial Park, Shaanxi Li Wenchun sitting female tourists taking pictures of the Red Army statue head。 Li Wenchun behavior caused by exposure heated online debate, many people condemned the man, "insulting the statue", "indecent", "uneducated"。
According to the recent implementation of the "uncivilized behavior of tourists recorded Interim Measures," the National Tourism Administration decided to Liwen Chun records included in the national tourist uncivilized, bad record for 10 years。
In addition, someone's Victory in Wuqi County Hill area two years shall not be eligible, Grade Scenic。