Jump right eye jump disaster money is it true?As soon as the situation encountered, surely someone will say to jump right eye jump disaster money, but left jump right jump fiscal disaster is it true?Following small to talk about with you what the left eye jump disaster is really the right eye jump Choi。
Jump right eye jump disaster money is it true this statement is unscientific folklore, but nothing to do with fortune。
There is no case to prove the accuracy of this statement of medicine, however, there are a large number of cases prove to jump left or right eyelid twitching eyelids are early symptoms of some medical。
The right eyelid twitching eyelids medical statement called "eyelid" in medicine, is divided into upper and lower eyelids, mainly by the orbicularis muscle and eyelid lift muscle constitution。 The so-called eyelids jump, not jumping, but orbicularis muscle, eyelid muscles move under the control of nerves, shrink, driven by moving along the surface of the skin。 We are talking twitching eyelids, in fact, control the eyelid muscles caused by nerve abnormal excitability, which is part of the orbicularis muscle fiber contraction in a short time can not be sustained due to autonomously。
Eyelids general fatigue with the eye for too long or when the lack of sleep, the incidence jump more frequently and some other factors, such as light, stimulating drugs produced, or was blown into the eyes of foreign bodies, such as smoking, drinking or often etc., can irritate the eyes, causing eyelid jump。 For the eyelids beating, Chinese medicine is a chronic illness overuse injuries Heart, liver and spleen deficiency or falling due to wind。
Jump right eye jump disaster money is really the eyes jump is a disease who do not live in it a few times twitching eyelids, eyelid jump will be the most fleeting, you have not had time to wonder what was wrong with it is it It has ended。 In fact, most of the eyes jump is also not really big problems, but nothing more eyestrain or excessive tension。 You think, ah, if you run an eight hundred meters, just came to a stop, the leg muscles is certainly still beating, for the eyes, too。 For this physiological eyelids jump, as long as the rest just fine。 But if your eyes are always disobedient, jump on every day, many times, and more and more frequently, not good for a month, then go the hospital to see, whether it is an eye jump, or two take turns jumping。
If your eyelids wasted no time in jumping two weeks in relation to see a doctor。
If you jump on both sides of the eyelid at the same time, pro, do not wait, immediately go to the hospital。