Procuratorial Daily crazy "angel money" as a representative of virtual currency, soaring "Bitcoin" prices attracted investors in droves。
This has led some criminals brain hole wide open, did the same, the name of the investment under the banner of virtual currency, took the opportunity to defraud investors funds。 Shushan, Hefei, Anhui Procuratorate on handling the case with the use of virtual currency "angel money" cheat billion yuan of total 6800。 Recently, the hospital on suspicion of financial fraud will Xue Shikai, Jia Xin, Zhao Zhigang, Yao played two Manti indictment。   Rose only not fall without risk of investment in April 2016, Ms. Liu, who lives in Guangdong heard "angel money" is a new type of investment, high returns available, and the price can only go up, without any risk。
  By further understanding, Sharon informed that the investment firm called Nanjing 100 Po Data Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Bai Fu Baogong Company"), claiming "angel money" Department of English Sparks issued by the Company, is a new form of encrypted P2P digital currency, operated by online trading platform – digital platforms in Asia is China's largest digital currency online trading platform。 The investment risk, high-yield, and if members came to the company's music off the hotel site visits to investment, can also Baochibaozhu, reimbursement of travel expenses。
  I heard that conditions were so touching, Sharon attracted to the music off to the hotel, the hotel is hosting the company's project to promote the meeting from time to time to play promotional videos, as well as instructor onsite to introduce one hundred Fu Baogong Operation Division。   Liu told the clerk, legal representative of the company called Jia Xin, vice president of Nanjing, Anhui Chamber of Commerce, the strength of the company, under the name of many industries, such as property management, media companies, hotels, KTV, etc. These business entities are available. " angel money "settled consumption, said the company soon to be listed。
  Next, the clerk Miss Xiang Liu introduced the company's mode of operation, said that as long as the lease "Minerals" output "angel money", you can wait for prices to double money。 Liu hear more firmly believed, we have transfer 56,250 yuan, lease five "angel money" big mining machine, each large ore rental price is 10,000 'Angel coin "。 (Buy "Angel coin" in the offer price is the price of yuan each chop, so the actual rental price of each mining machine is 11,250 yuan, 5 total price of 56,250 yuan) after the investment, Sharon average production eighty-nine ten "angel every day currency"。 But when Sharon wanted to "angel money" into cash, one hundred Fu Baogong Secretary, however, Asia has not yet completed the digital trading platform, to May 19 refused to formally launched the opening transaction。   Then finally opened, "angel money" prices have gone up after the early fall, beginning each costing yuan to 1 yuan from the nominal price, rose to the highest dollar。
Then, they begin to fall, and finally to June and July fell unexpectedly yuan, after it invested no。
In the meantime, most people are unable to withdraw cash。 Division explain one hundred Fu Baogong given that the platform is being upgraded to prohibit withdrawals, followed by the platform site completely shut down。 Seeing investment down the drain, Sharon knows his own fooled。   In fact, like many investors Liu。
Mr. from Shandong has invested in more than 1.72 million yuan, but also introduce friends and relatives to invest more than 3.73 million yuan, and ultimately he only withdrawals of more than 280,000 yuan。   See irreparable loss, Ms. Liu, Mr. Yu and other investors to the police, after careful investigation, a well-organized, crime means criminal gangs surfaced superb。
  To make quick money in collusion January 2016, Sheyang, Jiangsu, Anhui people Xue Shikai registered as Nethub Information Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in service stations and convenience lottery, due to poor management, closed their doors soon。 Due to lack of funds on hand, he thought transformation doing something to make quick money line of business。
  Xue Shikai asking that engage in virtual currency trading more profitable, and then to Shenzhen, in-depth understanding of the learning process for the operation of virtual currency。 See "Bitcoin" The market is hot, the money fast, Xue Shikai also want to try。
In the meantime, his old friend called to ask if there Jia Xin cooperation projects, Xue to recommend virtual currency。
The two decided to use a similar "Bitcoin", "litecoin" and other virtual currency business model to operate a kind of virtual currency profit。   March 2016, two after deliberation, decided to profit from virtual money "angel money" project by building a network platform operators, in order to determine before Jia Xin Fu Baogong one hundred registered without actually carried out any business activities of the Division for the operator of the subject; as Jia Xin chairman and legal representative, responsible for the company management and with the business and media docking work; Xue Shikai served as General Manager of one hundred Fu Baogong Division, responsible for contacting technology development platform to build, promotional materials, etc.。   After Xue Shikai, Jia Jia Xin Xin in Hefei Shushan run music off to the third floor of the hotel set up 100 Po operations center in Hefei, Zhao Zhigang hired as general manager of the operations center, Hemou (at large) as CEO, two people in charge of market operations。 Yao Xue Shikai also arranged two Mann Chief Financial Officer of one hundred Fu Baogong Division, responsible for managing the "angel money" project funds。
  Due to funding strand breaks to close the transaction platform Subsequently, Xue Shikai please people one hundred Fubao Gong Division has developed a "mining system" with a pre-charge of investment funds, "Asia's digital trading platform", "block chain wallet", "Member System", set up since "angel coin" project platform for network operators。
At the same time, a hundred Fu Baogong Division publicity spot by holding lectures, site promotion, push micro-channel public number, etc.。 Their propaganda mode called "mining machine" is divided into small, medium and large, the lease price was 1,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan yuan, "angel money" lease period of 365 days, "the mining machine" Every day can be dug varying amounts of "angel money"; "angel coin" start trading on trading platform (or "opening") before "angel currency," the price of 1 yuan / RMB (yuan is the first phase of the subscription price / currency) when the "opening" "angel currency," the price is yuan / currency; in accordance with three kinds of "Minerals" dug up the number of "angel money" each year, investors withdraw cash transactions in the trading platform, you can get high returns。   Sales and referrals by giving people high commissions manner, the gang quickly attract large numbers of people invested leasing so-called "mining machines"。
In order to make investors believe that the "angel money" can appreciate in the trading platform and traded withdrawal hundred Fubao Gong Division will use the investment funds charged early part of the acquisition of "angel money" on the trading platform to further defraud investors to invest。 The investment fund charged with only a small portion is used for one hundred Fu Baogong Our operating expenses "angel money" projects, most were transferred to Jia Xin, Xue Shikai and other personal accounts, or be used for payment of commission staff and Referrals without any actual production and business activities。
  To June 2016, a hundred Fu Baogong Division due to funding strand breaks closed the trading platform, investors can not to recover the capital invested by selling "Angel coin" and get benefits。
Audited, as of June 14, 2016, "Angel coin" project a total of defrauding more than 6,800 victims of investment funds totaling more than one hundred million yuan。
  February 2017, Jia Xin, Xue Shikai, Zhao Zhigang was arrested by public security organs; the same year March 13, Yao Man gave himself two。
4 people appearing in court, confessed to the above facts of the crime。