Shun one week recipes how to eat?Is a way to have children, had just given birth the female body is very weak, can be conditioned by diet, then you know how to shun one week postpartum diet eat it?Following small to talk about along with you one week postpartum recipes。 Shun postpartum one week postpartum recipes first day of the new mother, she was extremely weak, nutritional needs, but the trouble came postpartum uterine pain, fear a new mom still did not improve appetite, gastrointestinal function are preliminary adjustment, so the diet should be add water, easily digestible foods, can be appropriate to eat light, thin soft foods, such as brown sugar, water, egg drop soup, soup, fruit, etc. are all good choices。 The next day postpartum new mother's condition may be better than the first day, but still pain, especially when breast-feeding, the mothers will be more obvious lochia, lochia increased when red, color red, slightly more than the amount of menstruation, sometimes also with blood clots, this is bloody lochia。 Increased postpartum lochia is normal the next day, new mothers do not have too much psychological burden, so as not to affect the normal eating and lactation, this time the new mother's appetite may not be too good, you can eat brown sugar, water, duck stewed pig hoofs qi nourishing food, adhere to Eat small meals, reduce the burden on the stomach, and the other, a new mother should adhere to increase the number of breast-feeding to help the uterus to contract, promote discharge lochia。 New mothers postpartum third day of the official start of lactation, and plenty of milk depends on whether the baby's frequent sucking, breast-feeding mothers should pay attention to the new sound, can be properly eat some soups to promote milk secretion, improve milk quality, to meet small baby physical development needs。
Shun the fourth day postpartum one week postpartum new mothers recipe this time is likely to cause mental depression, mood fluctuation easy, depressed, often feel uneasy, even cry, this depression occurs, not only affect the mother's physical recovery and mental state, also adversely affect the normal breast-feeding, this time the new mother should eat some antidepressant effects of fish and seafood, in order to alleviate the negative emotions。
The fifth day postpartum new mothers feel physical discomfort has eased, began to have the energy to pay attention to the baby, and mothers of responsibility so that new mothers do everything myself regardless of size, plus the night to give the baby breast-feeding, in the offing, and this time the new mother should be selected some food helps to regulate nerve function, improve sleep and eat, such as liver, shrimp, milk,, walnuts, fish, etc.。