Recently, the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone Ronghua Road intersection location of erecting multiple "automatic pilot test road" signage。 10 o'clock yesterday morning, five autonomous vehicles ran up Ronghua Road, road test kilometers on the road。
As with social vehicles, autonomous vehicles through the traffic lights, and completed a U-turn, turning, parking and other activities。 The difference is that with social vehicle, its body is pasted eye-catching "automatic pilot test" logo, and multiple angle of the vehicle equipped with sensors, cameras, high-tech facilities。
  Vehicle road test site is equipped with driver and two staff members testers, the car equipped with artificial intelligence, interactive equipment, navigation and surveillance equipment。 During normal driving, the driver need not touch the steering wheel, when an unusual situation occurs, the vehicle will be taken over in time and manual。   The first five temporary number plates issued yesterday, the Beijing auto pilot test management issued joint working group to Beijing Baidu Network Technology Co., Ltd. The first five automatic driving test temporary license plate。
The vehicle and personnel have passed the assessment test field。 Beijing also set up applications and regular supervision of specialized third-party Beijing smart car with the number plate of Industrial Innovation Center received。   As requested, all applications automatically driving license test autonomous vehicles to be tested by the ability to close games daily training and the appropriate level of more than 5,000 kilometers of assessment。 Test drivers are required to pass at least 50 hours of training and training, including 10 hours a dangerous situation tested to ensure they ready to take over autonomous vehicles。   Road before, autonomous vehicles and personnel must be demonstrated by evaluating experts。
After the road test vehicle to install real-time supervision facilities and upload the data to ensure that the test autonomous vehicles on the road and time specified。   33 roads have road test can be carried out at the Municipal Transportation Commission of Science and Technology, responsible person, before the official road, autonomous vehicles need to be closed test。 Currently, the city's first automatic pilot test site has been closed in the Haidian completed field tests including various types of urban roads, rural, has a wealth of test scenarios and evaluation system。
  After passing through the closed test, the vehicle can obtain a temporary license plate officially on the road。
In accordance with the relevant standards, the city in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Shunyi District and Haidian District identified the first batch of 33 open test a total of 105 kilometers of road。 Currently, the test roads are selected in the outer rings, avoid residential areas, offices, hospitals, schools and other high traffic, traffic concentrated area。
Test period during the day, but avoid the morning and evening peak hours。   Beijing Smart car with Wu Qiong, vice president of industrial innovation that, to ensure the safety of the vehicle during the day can only be tested in designated sections of the center as a third party commissioned by the Government will automatically drive the vehicle for real-time monitoring to ensure that personnel and vehicles are approved driving, and shall not equipped and independent test personnel。   Interpretation of regulation only real-time monitoring test vehicle autopilot Pro cards will be revoked if?  Beijing Smart car industry with innovation Wu Qiong, vice president described the company as a third party in charge of autonomous vehicles license applications and daily supervision。
Once the autonomous vehicle accident, it will be the first time to stop the test, and the responsibility for the accident to be divided。 If the vehicle is the primary responsibility autopilot, the autopilot will immediately revoke the license。 Meanwhile, the automatic driving licenses are valid, such as the validity of the first temporary license plate to June 19, needs to be renewed before it expires。
Autonomous vehicle system is a major upgrade, also need to re-apply for a license。
  Wu Qiong, at present, there are already a number of companies applied for a temporary license plate autopilot。 According to regulations, each company a one-time investment autopilot drive test vehicle shall not be more than 5。 How many cars specifically to allow testing of each road, and the amount of the city's vehicle license road test of the autopilot will be deployed according to the actual situation。
  If it will limit testing?  Earlier, news that red lanterns autopilot will mistakenly street vehicle as a red light, the vehicle will brake to stop。 In this regard, Baidu autopilot technical director Tao Ji Jieshao, the vehicle does not currently test this possibility。
  He introduced the multi-angle configuration of the vehicle camera, radar apparatus can distinguish the object speed, the shape, color and other information to determine the type of a person, vehicle and an obstacle。
HD will be collected to map the actual location of traffic lights, autonomous vehicles will not make fundamental miscarriage of justice。
  Tao Ji Jieshao, currently in the testing ground will be some limit testing, we will use dummies and other props。 And in the community road, because the road is open, any time a vehicle enters society, safety is first, and will not be any limit testing。
  How real-time monitoring of vehicles?  Wu Qiong, the current regulators have been in a car equipped with real-time monitoring equipment and cameras can monitor vehicle。 The main monitoring information including whether or not to drive the vehicle traveling on designated roads; whether it is aboard the vehicle driver's record; if the vehicle an exception occurs, etc.。
  The group of text / reporter Liu Yang Photography / reporter Huang Liang。