Spreading memories of books, which filled the warm poems, put down involves bondage, vacated the heart of distractions, night, still beautiful, the Galaxy is littered with the debris of love。I was still standing at the window, review the years lightly, fine obliterate this cup love intertwined spirits, tryin。 Along the way, tears flee, laughing to right, he says good oath, vivid, marching distant ancient beliefs, newborn through the spring, summer romance, graceful autumn and winter pure to。I was careful to your collection, exhausting, just to be able to walk away with your evening twilight, nestled in addition to the mortal world for thousands of years to see Tumi flowers, hope Yunjuanyunshu。 Leaf of the tree slightly, dew condensation drop of crystal water, melancholy night, so short and yet so long, swimming in the Red knot, how many days and nights to temper, love to cross the border。Yuet Wah, such as training, looking at the sky, the wind gently singing their hearts do not change the plot, knocking the sea of thoughts, thrown slight ripples, waves in the vast blue of Lam Tin, dim light of the cape, can still recall those familiar Ballad。 Meet, is the most beautiful shown signs。Bathed in sunshine in May, fingers intertwined, warm, quiet。 Drunk know the alcohol concentration, loved to re-understand the situation。Life do not want nothing, I hope two hearts for a long time。A pool of ink, Banzhan time, the promise of juniors tempting aesthetic past, branched twist prime the pen, from the War difficult v。Homecoming, miss Allure, longitudinal Saatchi fireworks can not withstand a paper loneliness, my innocence, I only hope you solve。Mo flowers makeup, tempting thoughts, people in the right close, and thinking in the horizon。In the endless wandering, how many past wind into sand, and how much story into a moment she explains, until the encounter with each other, the soul of the party find a home。Since then, hang some back, hold a paper umbrella, wear walking in the bluestone alley, only to encounter that gentle smile。 Cuiyu understand gentle smoke, rain splashing white curtain, or turn the sea front, it has become turned Kuwata。Can still recall that moment you face, melting into the snow, I can not fleeting touch, turning it into the palm of my bees fly Splendor, soft mountain watermark。Vaguely see you so close and yet so far face, oozing flower fragrance, dispersed over my eyes, since then, I forgot to go back, have forgotten Review。As Daiyu in general, so weak, so the injury, just for you, write to make a lifetime of love, then shed tears of a lifetime。Adrift in the season's good friend, write text heal, and that the depths of the text, indelible, is the biggest concern of affectionate touch。Mind, such as butterflies, Pianfei up and down on the reel fleeting, dried out, but remember, forget, or remember。 Red phrase, one hundred students read smoke。Involved in the cycle of life after life, only willing to turn into a cycle of Acacia crossing, smiled at Looking back, the heart is the lotus flower。If Lotus opened, and the heart is never out of the most beautiful and charming, then wait for yesterday's, today's stay, whether, or so tender?