Yesterday morning, Lane public food market across an old leader, after greeting, he said that after reading my blog recently wrote home Tongyang River series of articles, I feel well written, encouraged me to continue writing, fight compiled and published, I smiled and thanked concern。    In fact, as early as ten years ago, when the work of the Institute, it was constantly encouraged me out of a collection。If the mess of the text published in the past, tidy, in the final classification, compiled a collection is barely able to make up the numbers。But at that time the publishing industry has been enliven, minor nuisance must book at their own expense, ISBN spend money to buy new books to sell themselves, so the book is not an easy thing。Also began to move through the heart, but then I strapped economy, not the end of the collection after the publication can recover the cost, while the heart is still some scrubby pedantic scholar, a book of their own money to somewhat inconsistent, and shopping itself around think of the book is also more terror, so they have to quit。Had been planning the work of the Institute staff compiled and published, like each person's Introduction and basic works are collected, and later because I was suddenly transferred and aborted。After the date, I basically are in the back seat position, so the long-term balance of mind thinking and practice of psychological adjustment, getting used to fame and fortune do not expect, you can also calling them weak fame and upset to put it down, until now retired, I really look at the completely open。    Since ancient times, people put it down really upset rare, dynasties of the so-called hermit nor a few genuinely Hermitage。In addition to the two options and dilemmas, if not helpless, the flowers will not fall from the trees in the dusty soil。Fortunately, we caught up with the good times, the ever-changing modern science and technology, as we open up more channels, in helping us continue to enjoy the convenience, express themselves。As a writer, I fully enjoyed from handwritten to machine-printed and published the entire development process from submission to the spread of freedom。    The early 1990s, I work in the provincial bureau office research department, our job is to think hard mode and handwritten documents, commonly known as Zi, after layers of review, send the typing pool to pay special typists typing, proofreading and then repeatedly modified then mimeographed binding, and then submitted to the leadership of scripted。As thoughts and writers, we are very hard, staying up late to work overtime is routine。As the typing pool to run more, we have gradually learned to type。At that time just with the typing pool Stone Computer typewriter, not only can type, and can be stored, can be modified on the machine, at any time out of proofs, very convenient, few of us would often go directly to the secretary typing on the operating room。Later leadership to secure support for research subjects specifically configured with a computer's most advanced four-way typewriter, and soon acquired a 286 microcomputer, so we finally freed from the heavy manual labor in the complex, were the first in the system on the computer writing people。Watch their thoughts through the machine becomes clean and beautiful words, the kind of joy is not free to witness and experience the unspeakable, others do not know, anyway, I really feel that they stand tall than the common people out of a big slice。    Two thousand years, when research subjects in the institutional reform withdrawn, I became director of the section by the section chief, deputy director of the competition plus unsuccessful, past many of his colleagues and subordinates become a parent, difficult to adapt to change, was quite depressed。Thanks to my colleagues gave me a peace of free Internet access account, so I spent a lot of time waiting for putting lonely。That is the opportunity, I contacted the network and chat software such as instant messaging tools。Pacific Zhejiang University graduate top students, particularly high IQ, my internet knowledge mostly come from him, I left soon after he was transferred to the authority of secretary, party committee secretary and served as chief secretary, and later went to go do the leaders of the unit。I Taiping has been revered as a master, in fact, one day I did not teach him anything, but some older than he, of course, but his humility and polite。But I knew so but still feel it is good enough, and there is nothing to him for help when felt very natural, this man's mental state is really strange but strange。    With work experience and experience with organ accumulation of computers and networks, the Institute can not stand that after decades of handwritten manuscripts and consistent system of hand-draw version, I call this condition is called slash and burn。I managed to staff all the editors and reporters a computer, but also to hire a staff entry field typesetting typesetting of a kind, reducing the number of intermediate links, efficiency multiplied。Although the resistance is large, but there are still a lot of people learned to use a computer, so bid farewell to the era of handwriting。At that time also for special funds to support hundreds of thousands of the province, a newspaper editor to the system, all the editors and reporters in the online writing, editing, layout and approval, then sent directly typesetting printing and publishing company。At that time all the preparations are ready, very good research and demonstration, creative staff will go out study tours too, thought there was no obstacle, in fact, everything taste thin end of a shiver, but also because I suddenly transferred, this matter is not final done to make the biggest regret of my work at the Institute。    After leaving the agency, in the following units of work is more adept, the timing is relatively free。Where several units early, a relatively high degree of information technology, online office in place, computers and local area networks gradually became the main work tool。Later, to the current unit, information work backward, online office not carried out, but fortunately I am not in charge of specific tasks, it does not matter online or at the net。But it also gives me a lot of time and effort on the Internet bubble, surfing the web, try a variety of fresh stuff, buttoned, blog and micro-blog, including a micro-channel or something, it is normal to use this period of。    Young I like to contribute to the newspaper, also published some articles, but then gradually gone interest。Because the subject to many constraints。For example, strict national core journals on the subject of the paper, feeds, comments and other academic citation regulatory requirements; such as Xin'an Evening News Hefei Evening News supplement, generally distributed only within the article thousand words, etc.。Or do complex allusive, either literally painful to do, things that are uncomfortable。Think not nor non-fat, non-fat nor not enough to feed their families, as their freedom to strike。Later, bureaus and units have the following internal information site, have opened up a literary column, for us non-professional people, etc., it is also a good platform and carrier。Although the impact was limited, but the background is much the same acquaintances within the system, work and live, interactive and easy to resonate, a sense of accomplishment and vanity easier to meet。So often in the interior of information online Hair small manuscript, now with the Internet language, the sense of being called brush。But over time there are discomfort, one internal network information is not kept in the dark all the words, but not its attitude; the second is the internal information network dispatch cumbersome procedures, leadership attention, always trouble editorial staff also feel embarrassed。So only in bursts, but also still holds, naturally difficult to have fun。    Recently wrote home series due to geographical limitations, is clearly a niche article, so the hair hair circle of friends, everyone around each other, more appropriate, is relatively happy。At 34 o'clock wake up every day, turn on the computer, community forums around, look at the latest information, and then began to write articles。Because not pursuing public published in mainstream media, it is to write no scruples, Xinmayoujiang, come in handy, think of where to where to write, is not about tricks format, without scrutiny vocabulary, but need not weigh every word, feeling very smoothly, usually every day You can easily write a thousand words, a complete independent small articles。After writing, nor how changes made directly to the Internet。Start by word limit, how I did not send the letter above micro, turn it posted on a blog or micro-blog, and then forwarded to the micro-channel sharing。Later, I found the time to send pictures on the micro-channel, and send text from word limit, so every time I would like to find a picture to do the cover, then put back to send the article decorated, so you directly to the circle of friends the。Whenever you see the micro-channel micro-Bo responded dense and thumbs up, you have only happy and enjoyment, is too busy to think there is no need to guess which response is the occasion, which is a virtual thumbs praise。    Internet created a self-media age。Our thoughts and speech, as long as the offense is not illegal, are free to express and disseminate。This is a historical progress。I'm doing editor of newspapers and magazines in the system when there is a competent leadership to me, say that you've not published for several of the higher-level information, and you want to want to do it?We had fear and trepidation, each lasting regard the leader of the information on the front page of newspapers。Media within the system is such, we must strictly abide by the institutional rules。And since the media is completely different, the biggest advantage from the media, is to spread the individual-centered, individualized, personalized, there is an extremely powerful interactive, extremely intuitive Everything comes directly。I am the author, and I'm editing, I was the editor, and I'm in charge。I thought, opinion and expression, I can spread the first time, you can see the first time; your opinions and views, you can Tucao the first time, I can understand the first time。Under certain rules, decide everything by themselves, either all own play, reflecting the high degree of autonomy and freedom。In the face of strong self-media age and seniority is not a problem, do not constitute obstacles to the level of the hierarchy more。You have to follow, only the law and conscience。    Since media freedom and happiness brought about, I enjoyed。(Yi Wei February fourth day, March 23, 2015, in Hefei)