It is with great enthusiasm and desire to come to China filled the shoes——Jinjiang, hope for Survival drifting out dream。  Years cleaned up to revive put on new makeup, Jinjiang bid farewell to the old city ushered in the new town。  I came, Prince was young。Do not know how to give yourself makeup, do not know how to make their own change the United States。  When I left, Prince Older。It is a jade tree, absolute beauty, valiant youth。  Prince gently said to me:“do not go。Look Chunhuaqiuyue stay together; cut flower with text, painted picturesque; together depict a beautiful blueprint for the future in the more developed cities。”  I bow to smile, like a mimosa——But do not expect yearning。I'm just a poor girl in the mountains, but a passer-new city, but tens of thousands of migrant workers in the ordinary one, what was this fortunate?  Prince clasped my hands。His hand was warm, transfer the warmth and strength, gave me confidence and courage。Later, he asked me to put special steps clothes, wear Anta shoes, he would take me to visit the beautiful Jinjiang。  Quanzhou is the first bridge, which is located in Jinjiang, with its Xiongjun posture to show us the image of the city of Jinjiang——Wei, spectacular。Then Airport。Sometimes aircraft fly away, sometimes falling aircraft here。An aircraft is a Road dazzling landscape, Fiat will travel soaring in the clouds。  Still later, he took me to the street, this time to see more: many of the old houses have been demolished and replaced by wide roads, on both sides of the road stands a brand-new high-rise buildings; streets lined oval flower beds, inside planted trees, and flowers, more wide road, on the ground spotless, trash rules to stand to the side, a small river of garbage gone, the river lying face many new bridge; each village also carry out various pile recreational activities, such as free screening of the film, government or business are often held singing contests, essay contests, speech contests……Such activities not only enrich the spiritual life of the native population, but also improve our literacy。  Prince walked to me that his family has gentle and virtuous, hospitable mother, wise decision-making, capable of wisdom his father, who was active in Jinjiang urban renewal, construction of the new city, it is because there are many such people, Jinjiang years was able to rapid development。I nodded, profound admiration。  We stopped in front of a primary school, is a“School children of migrant workers”。  I said:“that's nice!The school has a special part of children of migrant workers, so that you can reduce a lot of left-behind children。”  Prince said with a smile:“You see, even the future of the next generation have no worries, you have no reason to go?”  Prince also took me to visit“Sports shoes exhibition”, The first thing is a slogan“Jinjiang shoe world, the world Jinjiang shoes”。There are men's, women's shoes, children's shoes。Anta, special steps, 361 degrees, Jordan, elegant birds and other brands。A variety of colors, variety of styles, all kinds of brand shoes see my eyes。I really hope that one day, people around the world are wearing Jinjiang's sports shoes, sportswear, then we will own lives in Jinjiang, Jinjiang is a shoe plastic companies feel very proud。  The prince asked:“Jinjiang United States do?”  I replied with a tone of nostalgia:“Beautiful, promising。”  Prince stare, he said:“We planted with beautiful flowers, build a warm home together。You leave, I have more power development。”  I look back, laughing sweet language。Instant shaken to Italy。I left, the future。And Prince together to witness a happy life in this beautiful city of Jinjiang。  I dressed in Jinjiang brand sports shoes, visibly pleased, lightly dancing shoes on this piece of land, spring。Yes ah, sports produce energy, vitality refraction young, like my prince, like our Jinjiang。  I came to know the prince also met Jinjiang。  I go, engraved love, engraved outlook。  I came, Prince radiant。  When I left, Prince tearful。  I did not cry, but also a smile to say goodbye。  I say goodbye even when no tears, because even back。  Prince not sad, this time to leave, not just small, is visiting relatives, it is back home。I have dark Xu, entrust the future of life in Jinjiang。  I chose to stay together, the future full of flowers in Jinjiang home, and Prince。  (Postscript: This article was written on October 24, 2010。It is one of“Jinjiang, Fujian migrants do”Held“About what kind of new city construction”Candidates presentation of essay competition, won fortunate to edit, is hereby published for the occasion fleeting。)