Night network, network nightlife Wall Street News Beijing 20 morning news, Goldman Sachs warned emerging markets rebounded in the latest report may be drawing to a close, but JP Morgan (Morgan) thought that now is the selective emerging markets Opening time。  JP Morgan analyst Adrian Mowat said in Monday's report: "short-covering rally is a harbinger of recovery。This is what is happening now。"JP Morgan pointed out that emerging markets fell short positions, while the Chinese economy and the renminbi signs of stabilizing markets awaited。  In fact, the Chinese may not be as bad as we thought: Some important industries earnings per share (EPS) is expected to revise upward valuation is lower than historical levels, macroeconomic stabilization provides an environment for the share price to reflect its fundamentals again, at the same time policy in support of efforts to increase。  In addition to China's stock market, investors in emerging markets which should buy it?Mowat recommended that investors buy the strong fundamentals of the country and industry, rather than chasing short-covering in the market。  JP Morgan raised its rating on the stock market in South Korea and Taiwan, the main focus of policy support plate and benefit from seasonal factors of the technology industry。In addition, JP Morgan believes the Indian stock market although short-term performance may be behind, but still the best structural opportunities in emerging markets where。  Compared to JP Morgan's optimistic Goldman Sachs believes that the recent rise in emerging market equities just oversold bounce, rather than entering a new bull market phase, the remainder of this year is very limited upside。  Goldman Sachs believes that emerging market sentiment improved mainly due to poor US employment data delayed the expected Fed rate hike this year。Now investors are playing a zero-sum game: poor US economic data means good news for emerging markets。(Tony compilation)