A person meditation, likes brains to think, that he is from when to start smoking?It is to learn how to smoke?But it is why I like smoking, can not do without cigarettes?  Over the years, like countless times, each time the last is not clear, it was unknown when to start smoking, do not understand how he is learned to smoke, but it did not understand why like smoking, can not do without cigarettes.    Point a cigarette, a touch of smoke, reasonable grounds messy thoughts, calm down about irritable heart.After the nerve anesthesia, we do not care about who gains and losses, not to think once fame and fortune.Jing Xiaxin, bow my head and began a new journey tomorrow, even if rough, even if rough, should work hard with confidence.    Point on a cigarette, after a long spit smoke, put up as a tight heart strings, tidy bags.Rain Shuaishuaitou, I believe that all the difficulties will not hinder the pace I move forward, I believe that tomorrow will be a clear sky cloudless ground.Loosely tired body, decisively stand up, confident of another step, through the years of peak head, looking vision of the future.    Point on a cigarette, Mu then look back, to when the road, although winding, though vague, although there are sweat and tears, was pleased that I walked out so far, fortunately there are so many behind to those who.I firmly fist, no longer hesitated, more determined his direction.    On several occasions, made up my mind, he has quit smoking.Everyday life just does not always feel calm self-confidence, more of a solitary and lonely, that she points.With a cigarette, I was more calm self-confidence, less lonely, living with the sun.Therefore, lonely, cigarettes are my partner; when pain, comfort my cigarette is good medicine; when happy, I’m happy that cigarettes calm.    I do not know since when, cigarettes and so I am staying together through wind, through the rain together, climb the mountain together, stay together, to each other.