Edge of the world, everything is clutch, by chance, it is difficult to comment.Edge to the poly, a love, two hearts set whose son accompanied bald; edge to make it casual, a joys and sorrows, two points away from the situation but never seen!There is a margin, no glimpse of the meet, no shiny appearance, no fancy language, only a simple greeting, just simple meet; every move she makes a show of hands, smiles, but drunk into the eyes, I could not hope to wear; the word of a back together, a Gu a hope, do Qinru heart, never unforgettable.Buddha said, people met a set number of past life, for millions of times Looking back in a flash of fleeting, highlighting the edge set your past life.Life’s long road, how many times the pass; but the ebb and flow of the sea is relatively abrupt, met an edge; between a big crowd, how many times searching; but Shan ran around the corner of the room inadvertently encounters, relaxed and a feeling.Four mesh facing, say why?Run with heart conditions, if only shown signs.I do not know since when, all without deliberately, like waterfalls, so appropriateness naturally, are all so natural; meet from the moment count, because the origin of life situation, such as ripened fruit, everything is so ripe, so matter of course.Because the, you have quietly stopped my heart, because the, you have a deep intake of my soul.The silence of the night, have you, eyes sparkling; intoxicated dream, you, colorful; silent reading, have you, over a thousand mountains; into the heart of the situation, have you, little fly Xuan.Shining stars of the night, blinking their eyes have you; the glow of morning dew and wind, blooming smile have you.James cold dew drop, to express a love of love, a poem shallow memo seen in chapter written portrait of life in the light; antagonistic touch of sunset, Yin a tie Acacia volume, Montreal Phenom Yao Shuo bright flash, in the years of dedication Shiyuan in watering.I met you, not in my best Chinese year; And you, my life is the most beautiful and most moving Su-Shi Jian; met you, not the most beautiful met each other; and you, it is my most fleeting nostalgia most fascinating scenery picture.Some thoughts Fan Pan swing heart of the sea, sigh fleeting spinner; the slightest dip care time, interminable years of shuttle transfer.The wind in the morning, I read you in Morrowind, you ever know?Bloom season, I wait for you in the stream, you ever querulous?Sincere intentions were, at any time will not leave; because of you, so look forward to; people love loved Wife, for any reason can not be seen.Because of you, so Qiannian.People say, people’s clutch, because the fate.Because the meet, gave birth to a soul and the soul of the phase pull; because fate, love to play and love the love scene.In fact, to meet, no sooner or later, but at just the right time, just a good meet you; as the green shoots encounter rain sneaked into the night, a quick stunning eyes who?You and me.In fact, fate, and where on the depth, but during that appropriate Fleeting, you encounter the predestined; like the sun soak into the depths met Qiulu organs, but also who love soft?You know what I know.