Time goes by, through the cold winter, spring is, like a song, through the ups and downs of life will usher in the spring of life.    - Inscription the port end of the quarter stood, listening to Xinyu years, I seem to hear the voice of flowers.Listen, the footsteps of spring is near, you see, spring is coming, spring with bright, sunshine sprinkling the heart of the sea, with spring life, the world will want to sow in spring with beautiful, in the years Zhijian scribbled colorful.    Spring is a feast of the sun, is a colorful picture that vibrant green grass, that the slightest rain nourishing life, it brings tears to spring breeze blow away the haze, it is to be put flowers decorate the living sing a song of spring, beautiful melodies there is no sadness, recite a poem of spring, graceful verse filled with fresh, in this brilliant spring, the flowers and leaves of a pick up, to bring a touch of colorful, intoxicated my Yilianyoumeng.    A year on the occasion of spring, of the day is the morning, spring is a new beginning, a new journey, who shed sweat in the fields of spring, autumn fruit harvest in the branches, who are planted in the spring sunshine We hope, happiness in the arms of the harvest in autumn.Destiny into their own hands, if life is a piece of paper, we Love to do pen, depicting life at the top of our own, if you put your heart painting is a perfect picture, the endeavor is a life attitude, is a power struggle in life, fate always favor those who have a dream.    Spring is a season full of love, love of my life is that spring flowers, accompanied all the way, all the way to fragrance, life is amazing acquaintance, friend Xiangxie beautiful, so much infatuated men and women, the interpretation of unforgettable love, the saying goes: the world would have a infatuated, sorrow was not related to the wind and the moon, of course, not all of the story will have a happy ending, not all encounters will be interpreted as a legend, some people are destined only momentary life on the road intersection, turn around is the End of the world, or to leave, everything is fate, we can do is to cherish edge edge, edge to revel.Sometimes the moment is eternal.    Perhaps taking the most urgent are the most beautiful scenery, the deepest pain is the most real emotions, the recall years later, the end is no regrets that a cordial encounter in life if you had that spring is coming, believe really belong to you, you’ll never miss, learn to live in the moment, the person you love will you, love must be the best time together with the growth in the intersection of life, etc..    People often think of how much life to walk the road, how many wading the river, in order to usher in the spring of life, through the years how much Red, a Qingwo to know that life sometimes is like a walk in the fog , from afar, just a misty, you do not know how many hidden perils ahead there will occasionally disoriented, but if you are strong enough to face the courage, will frenzied media attention next month, look back in the past the most exciting of those deep and shallow traces of life than the left.    Perhaps the meaning of life is experience, if not experienced the ups and downs, how can you appreciate the joy of success; if not experienced winter, how can cherish the bright spring sunshine, if not through the rugged mountain road, how can understand the broad flat road, life there is always a fall, urged us to grow the moment, there is always some wind and rain, let us learn to be strong.Rainbow after the storm, after the darkness will be dawn in the sky flying eagle will always be strong, life is wonderful interpretation of ups and downs in a time of frustration.    The ups and downs of life, there are always some feelings need quiet aftertaste; there is always some pain need experience alone; there is always a section of the road needs a person walking; there are always some things need to be comfortable with, learn to give yourself a smile I said to myself it does not matter, when tired, remember to stop and rest, sad bend over and hug yourself, give yourself some cold days warm, lonely time for themselves to find a clear sky, learn to love yourself, because you do not love yourself, no one will love you, if you do not strong, no one will be strong for you.    Impermanence of life, and then bright spring, occasionally clouds cover the sun, then a calm lake, there will be little ripples, learn to accept life Barilla, has experienced ups and downs will be more long charm, perhaps because life is more than enough clouds, to create a beautiful sunset.Like saying: the roundabout go straight man is smart, because finding a shortcut to go straight road bend people are open-minded, because you can look at a few landscapes, still life, there will be confusion, there will still vicissitudes of life, learn smiling face is a kind of wisdom.    Read of life in the spring, will be more of a bright, people live is a state of mind, life is tired and not tired, depending on their attitude, life is a mirror, you laugh it laugh, you cry he began to cry , only to see how much the loss will not be happy every day, you will be happy to see how much has.Gifts of roses, hand left lingering fragrance, you give me a smile, I give you a hug, you desire a drop of water, I join together an ocean, in the hearts of a kind of sun, warm all the past, life is not alone cold cool.    World stage heart is as big as life, how life there is more broad, do not look to others, I myself also the scenery, so back to self, do a simple background of life, see a hill, watching the water is water, smile warm, I believe there is always a smile for us and blooming, there is always a scenic and beautiful because of our human life only once, do you want to do, go where you want to go, you love the people who love , cutting period of years, beautiful book paper, to find their own life in the spring.    After the sails will know that life is beautiful indifferent, light such as blue, not flowers are blooming, but timeless fragrance, a touch of water, although no color tasteless but it is the source of life.Faint heart will not be tired of life, shallow time, the heart will be open to an indifferent flowers bloom in your life, do not have to take it lightly farming fence repair, lived in mountain forests, but also living in the Red troubles calm down, calm the mind, to hear their own voice, to stop Instinct, Rain or shine, hope Yunjuanyunshu no intention to leave, to see blossom, storms of life, indifferent mind.    Another year the spring of benefits, life is a dream, rush years, downplayed how much love and Melancholy.In the lopsided the years.Always leave a lot of good memories or sad.You may still miss a person, you probably still can not let go of some things, but no matter what kind of memories will leave some moved, we cried, laughed along the way, get off, had, suffice.Learn to give up, know how to go with the flow, Red Dust, I am from Enron, life sometimes is needed is a smile of joy.    Life mountain water a ride a ride, there will always be ups and downs, Juyi Peng time, a grip know, one after another through the fog of life.Not without sadness that we learned to be strong, not without setbacks, we learned to face, every game experience is the accumulation of life, every life experience ups and downs are.Spring, open the window of the soul, through the haze, as long as the sun will rise tomorrow, life will be in full bloom in the sun, as long as the heart, love, that spring.    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