Another year peach blossom text / inaction on the hillside home after the house, there are three peach trees, in the spring, it will be the first open, precisely, “bloom”, not a leaf, only flowers, dense, distance to like pink hot air balloon, on a bleak hillside (other flowers and trees are still immersed in the winter, trees hay yellow), made it very vitality.Peach tell people spring, spring, farmers need sow, others also planning a career year.Peach blossoms seemed inspiring. I remember the most beautiful scenery in the home, perhaps that is the peach blossom.No matter where you go, whenever I think of home, peach on a hillside on the show in front of. Later, in Yangzhou, rental house next door ditch, there is a peach tree, only the arm so thick, one high, much smaller than peach mountain home.One morning, suddenly found the peach blossoms, pink is also dense flowers, not a leaf.This is the exciting thing, I was not happy.Recently it did not work, did not get married.Yangzhou to two years, have been doing quite well, the result was framed.Now almost penniless, since that pretty valuable thing only different: mobile phones and watches.How to get to the future, their own being worried.Peach blossom is precisely at this time, this is not for me stoked it? The next year, peach opened again, and my situation still. The third year, peach bloom again, I still still the same.Although the past two years also worked several jobs, but are not satisfied, do not a long time. Fortunately, before the third year of peach wither, I went to Shenzhen, a foreign company (previously a state-owned enterprise, the chairman said that I fit to foreign countries or foreign-funded enterprises), smooth.Soon bought a house, got married, can be said to love the cause of double harvest. I think this is the peach brings me good luck. I miss the peach home, Yangzhou will often think of peach. April 5, 2017, written in Yangzhou