Hands Text / lost time fly past, smoke, rain, cold wind blows away the warm pour palm.Past, like a meteor, inadvertently across the sky leaving a short beautiful, but it became a lifetime waiting to see who’s beautiful, harmonic beauty of the moment into eternity.Silence of meditation, gentle back sweet memories of years ago, in the heart of time than in the past.I hand lightly resting his chin, the people are grilled in front of the window, watching the fireflies flying from the front, infected with sadness for the entire black thoughts, I do not know how many nights in this way, quietly thinking of you good, a touch of the night as if your face with white printing fleeting.Waiting for a long time, and once again the heart of some past, some things into a nostalgic, despite the vicissitudes of time for Love withered wither, but I obsession to keep the dust in the decline of Gu Yi, over and over again recapitulation.The memory of the hands are always picked up the sadness left behind.Those left behind were sad, very bright, very sad!No way to say that they began to deliberately pursue, I dropped myself have memories, I deeply look forward to this fall in long gentle flavor.I’m also obsessed, read the homes, exhausted Love shortage of decadent to prove buried Cangzaixinli miss your.    Sitting alone in a dark corner, ask hand slowly at the edge of the book, eyes shimmer like a light sprinkle, thrown a blurred.Pick up a decorated golden leaves from thin to enjoy, if looked at in the twilight of an old man’s face.Away remember, we were the stars of light across the screen to come up with a plain sheet of paper in the pale light of the disappearance of the year delineate makeup, a touch of longing the full moonlight, spilled all part of stalls in the desktop delicate as silk the sketch, filled with love are turned into text and Full of thoughts pulsing with my heart.Graver years already on its beautifully engraved face down a section of deep and shallow lines, line by line as if poignant inscription, no matter no matter how you dodge or spared.He had indulged in the heart of the deepest in the world, that world, only the cold, only numbness.Vaguely remember, happy to recall that period of suffocation, the heartbreaking beauty of the picture, the banks still weigh stay in mind.Years of relentless fragmented with, mottled little bit of debris wrapped around the fingers, lingering.The most pain memorial, but to you I create a joke.Perhaps only here did not touch that deep pain, because the pain that has long been buried in the memory, but not lost.It is reluctant or simply unwilling to?I do not know, I only know that here is the only place where there is no pain, although this is so cold.    Cang round quietly climbed the North Mountain, planted a little cold white, crescent Seiki quietly vent over the West Wing, I stood in the attic in the autumn wind gently opened the heart filled with thoughts.Like you used to gently open my heart, let me wish you a sadness in the empty silence of the month.Poetry, some of the poignant sentence, or word fragments such as broken raving.That beautiful encounter through the years, always makes me sigh and cry softly, the brilliant text, prime pen showing that delicate feelings, Yiziyizi flowing between heart, weight loss and text always with a dash of passionate, like a drop of adsorption of flowers from the old city the ancient capital of peony buds dew drops dripping in my dreams, into my eyes with tears.Which will write the legendary Clover, silhouette time.At that time always feel that time is still repetitive, monotonous with those dreams ran aground.