REVIEW: often dreamed of a plate of bun woman, with a dark green dress, dense with large white peony flower big flower on dress, half of his face against the light, twisting water Sheban graceful waist position , finished just under a walk in the autumn lane in the rain, a pair of high heels in quartzite paved lane in the rain Resentment of playing and singing, Dangqi ripples.    Cheongsam always felt like a woman, must be like the cheongsam unique style, charming or enchanting, or warm Wanxian Jing.Enchanting place like a peony bloom heyday, in the branches stare and colorful, so you can not help but to want to touch its body, and its fragrance contaminated.At the gentle like a water lotus, water in the central opening, nodding down in the breeze, with less cool camel Qieqie shy!It was an unbearable touch of beauty!    I do not know whether it is because I like to dress, or because the woman who likes to wear a dress, I am particularly like to watch movies and television thirties, watching a fireworks as bright as a woman, that little bit of style at the eye brow, to see them in the shuttle dust in the old days, croon, interpretation of scenes of joys and sorrows of this world.Initially love of dress, is derived from the childhood home of the old calendar, it is a picture of glowing color ink incense, wearing a cheongsam colored woman, then still do not know what charm and style, but just to feel their body attitude is so soft, it feels like boneless.Since then, I like to read novels, Hulan Cheng Zhang Ailing and stories, imagine wearing a cheongsam and Ailing Hulan Cheng has shown signs of that time, Hulan Cheng naturally distress, because the woman in front of him will undoubtedly have Allure attitude and talent, the wearing a cheongsam became ink, even though there are more white space, Hulan Cheng Ming can see the mountains and Shueisiou!Until then I imagine Ailing wearing a cheongsam, lazy in the recliner, remembered: “The Bowl, anything sad autumn picture fan!When “scene, I actually have disappeared in the dust a woman shed tears for such.    Love that dress and very high stand-up collar, the beam, it is the woman’s neck and slender soft lines.Gentle woman accustomed to the plate on the collar buttoned conscientiousness, invisible trace of the gap, but still agile.Occasional forceful bold woman, much given to flirting, like unlock twelve plate buttons, revealing beautiful collarbone, let men give birth to the worth of reverie, and this charm but seemed a degree of relaxation.High open fork skirt, the woman sitting or rows, so that all white leg lines looming, it is then the half-dark, like open in the summer in the shallow banks of the lotus, was exposed sharp angle like, flipping people Emotional!Most of that mixing on the silk flowers are in full bloom, the purple, red, dark green and so on, colored flowers, shades and old, to give birth to dazzling beauty!I had to sigh, this earth even if we have more prosperity, but also can not hide the emotion of this style of dress often dreamed of a plate of bun woman, with a dark green dress, dense with large flowers on dress playing and singing with big flower peony, half of his face against the light, twisting waist water Sheban graceful posture, walking in the autumn rain finished just under the lane in the rain, in a pair of high heels Resentment of quartzite paved lane in the rain Dangqi ripples.She saw hawkers selling cigarette butts, he asked for a pack of cigarettes, half on the potential leaned against the wall, with that dyed dark green Koudan of slender fingers, skilled and gracefully light one, watch the rising white smoke rings curl in the evening among the twilight years, until the last one that burn tobacco hands before slowly moving the body, slowly disappeared at the end of the lane in the rain, but it left a touch of never burn sad and desolate in lane in the rain, in the Red Dust!I used to think that this woman is perhaps the dream of my former life, let me buggin cheongsam in this life!Kinds of style on the fascination cheongsam!    Old Shanghai thirties, cheongsam popular.Dignitaries house wife to wear, the notice of management lady wear, the brothels where the prostitutes wear, wear thin, fat to wear, this wear will wear clothing style of thousands!Want to wear a dress every woman has a period of about cheongsam, a story about love it!I often think that if I was born in the greater Shanghai thirties, I can not afford to dream of silk jade life, but there must be a few decent dress.So in my dreams, he often dreamed of a girl of fifteen or sixteen, standing in tailor shops, watching a piece of colorful costumes and a God, he begged his parents to return home can do something for their own embroidery dress, put a landscape that just as his own blossoming bud-like body, wrapped into a pouring Rubao satin, the exquisite period of loneliness alley into a man’s eyes!From subtle fragrance surplus sleeve!    Cheongsam my deep joy, just because the mundane world, I only pass through on my wedding time.Big red, red to the extreme, but also the texture of silk, soft and smooth.That day, as if I had crossed the whole lives, and turned into a mundane world of old Shanghai woman, walked lotus same pace, from the moment the wedding began this cycle of my life!