Class is a pleasure famous Tang Dynasty writer Han Yu said: “Teacher, why preaching, Tuition, FAQ carry on.”And I bathed in brilliant idea of modern education, as a teacher, in the twenty years of language teaching career, deeply appreciate the class is not only a responsibility, it is a pleasure.Now let me just note that said a through-inch pipe v. Zhongchang.    A time, enjoying the student’s ability to grow and face their students, through bilateral activities of teachers and students, students again and again wonderful performance, I deeply appreciate all the students really smart, get to the bottom again and again and finally understand the problem , so I think students awesome!Students one day everlasting high, taller than me, than I am strong, I think the students really grown up, everything changes students, let me enjoy the students’ talents and grow.I have to instantiate one or two to explain this to enjoy!When I taught elementary school language PEP eleventh book Lesson 11, “the mystery of life in the universe,” I guide students to learn this lesson in the form of debate.I made arrangements in advance preview: male students for the affirmative: view is that in addition to the Earth, there is life there is in the universe.Female students as an anti-side: view is that in addition to the Earth, no life exists in the universe.Combined with text content and collect extra data, prepare their ample evidence.Preview arrangements go, the first morning schedule also debate the next day, the pros and cons of each of the parties selected a strong debater, but I was a little worried that argument will not be correct, would not be sufficient.The results greatly surprise me a call, male students in order to prove his point: “In addition to the Earth, there is life there is in the universe.”Cited a number of scientific basis, in 1989, found a UFO fly to Earth, 1987, San Francisco received another signal from space observatory sent, but can not decipher the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, scientists suspect that it is an alien signaling to the.A farmer in mid-1980 the French invisible disappeared, scientists believe he was robbed removed aliens.I listened to the students of endless debate, some of the arguments I do not know, I’m relieved, I am happy, I am enjoying the talents of students, more student taste in style.When I teach PEP eleventh book Lesson 13 “My comrades Qiu Shaoyun,” I was so requires students to read the text themselves and draw their own most moving place with a wavy line, next to write their own the reason experience or moving, after you read, the teacher named in the report, to see who’s the most exciting report.Classroom quiet, even can hear a pin drop on the ground, I constantly patrol the students watched and painting, while thinking, while writing, probably after seven or eight minutes, some students began to raise their hands, to when ten minutes, the majority of students have raised their hands, indicating that students have completed my instruction.I began to let the students s begin the text again.When students read Qiu Shaoyun is burning fire, student tones are muffled, grief, until the last three paragraphs, a student’s tone is high, praise.I listened to the students’ reading, have realized that students understand right and wrong, I also enjoy the kind of student praise of the hero, admiration.Students read, began to report their most moving place, the results of most of the students have to find the focus of the text: “For the whole class, for the whole latent forces, to victory in this battle, Qiu Shaoyun, like extremely heavy boulder in general, lie in the fire motionless, his body burned in the fire half an hour before dying down.The great warrior, until the last breath of life, not moving an inch of the place, did not moan.”Some students said Qiu Shaoyun is the kind of self-sacrifice and noble qualities deeply moved me; some students say, I was moved because Qiu Shaoyun the kind of iron will, I was deeply impressed; some students say, I Qiu Shaoyun moved because consciously abide by the discipline of good style worthy of my learning.Finally, a gentle and good Zhu Xinyu students to stand up, I add: I was moved because Qiu Shaoyun kind of “sacrificing for the greater my” spirit I admire very.When I heard here, I can not help but applaud her, the class also followed applaud.I said the students really clever, perfectly lovely, especially Zhu Xinyu students speak better.Nothing like the sixth grade primary school students, just like a standard high school students.I was so, my praise is sincere, I really enjoy the students’ talents and appreciate the wisdom of the students in the classroom, this enjoyment is too numerous to mention.Therefore, I think school is a pleasure.    Second, enjoying their wisdom and charisma as a teacher, as a director and designers of classroom teaching, plays an important role in the classroom, in the course also enjoy their own wisdom, to highlight my personality , which has won the respect and affection of students.I use one or two examples to be interpreted.When I teach PEP first 11 Lesson 14 “two poems,” I am such an arrangement, allow students to self-study on the basis of the preview, after reading the poem, combined with comments explaining poetry, to write poetry, and think about the central idea of poetry.After the command is issued, prepare students to actively read ah, ah check, write ah.When the majority of students complete, I will guide the students reported that when students report to “Who made the inch of grass, reported in the apartments” when this poem, I continuously ask five or six students say poetic.But we all feel is not ideal, watch their unresolved, the student was in a hurry.At this point, I said to the teacher or need help ah?All the students said: “To”.I said, can you explain this: “Who got the sun in spring grass can repay it?Like son of filial piety, how can we repay the deep kindness that his mother had it?”Students listened relief, and with their applause to express my admiration and recognition.When I teach PEP eleventh book Lesson 12 “night’s work,” With my previous experience, we must work hard on the import, or excites the students’ ideological sympathy, I imported before class time, made a full explanation and introduction to Premier Zhou Enlai’s life and deeds, so that students understand the people, Premier Zhou Enlai is a cause for the people spared no efforts in dying, living frugal.Students listening to me explain the introduction, mesmerizing, and enhance the desire to learn the lesson, I seized the opportunity to import a new lesson, I am very pleased with the results of learning, after school I read several articles about the life of Premier Zhou introduced and the work of the article, not only to expand the content of the text, but also enhance the students’ feelings of admiration for Prime Minister.I like this show the wisdom and charisma in the classroom, the students won the respect and affection, I also enjoy, and be happy.    Third, enjoying the deep affection between teachers and students in the classroom, due to my efforts to pay, to enable students to enjoy my wisdom, also due to the excellent performance of students, I also enjoy the talents of students and growth.In the morning till evening, had a strong emotional resonance, reflected in my favorite students, care for students, but also reflected in the students respect me, love me.Particularly reflected in the student’s essay, once wrote entitled “I am a person.”.I have a lot of students write, write some respect for me; some love to write my; some write my gratitude.Reading between the lines, revealed a deep sense of emotion between our teachers and students to write when I want is enjoying the love between teachers and students.I also enjoy the same mark when a deep sense of love that teachers and students.So I think actually enjoying school teachers and students share a deep love.    Fourth, classroom teachers and students share a harmonious glory because I enjoy school with emotion, students with emotional enjoy school, over time, and jointly create a harmonious and progressive atmosphere in the classroom.In this form the class together to enjoy the glorious harmony class.Student performance and changes in the interpretation of this profound truth.Outstanding students in this classroom enjoy displaying their talents and display their charisma, poor students are also always feel the warmth of the collective, also feel the progress, the harvest.Even I have bathed in glory of this harmonious classroom.For example, in computer operation, students are my teacher, help me to do website, taught me to download material, they often go to my blog to stay warm and beautiful message, I taste the work fun, enjoying teachers and students friendly feelings.So, I deeply appreciate the class is to make students and I share a harmonious classroom glory.    Twenty years teaching career, feeling a lot, learned a lot, quite a lot of enjoyment, it is with this pen-inch pipe of a Syria Zhongchang, tell my love of work, love of students.