My hometown is like a very good friend, always my dream to visit uninvited guest status.    Said Riyousuosi, the night had a dream, in fact, not all.Because, even though I do not think day, at night there will be many, many dreams about home.And I sleep more powerful, the more there will be a dream come home.    Deep in my dream home.    In fact, my people regarded as careless, careless no lungs, no deposit dirty the concept, is not unnatural, not to do wicked things, are “midnight knock on the door heart is not scared,” the main.So, my contentment, peace of mind, you can fall asleep on the bed for five minutes, and rarely dream.General trivia, can only occasionally in my dreams free light, wake up the next day to be forgot it.The home, seemed to hold the key to my dreams, often deep into my dream.    The dream is the realm of deep sleep, deep sleep is a dream.    I sleep in the only home.    Sleep in the home although far away, but very clear.That holding eight-year-old brother and sister’s hand and trudged the road to return home in two ragged clothes boy, thirteen-year-old My brother and I’m eleven years old.That year, a little office of his father and mother born bad bullpen squatting together, our brothers and sisters a few homeless, the cousin and Zuxiong will take us back a little strange home.Then, as the home of barren dry breasts, can not nourish her children on the land.Chong Fu on the sweet potato pumpkin, wild vegetables by the subsidies, folks barely can make it through famine.Although we have 20 kilos of food per person per month supply of tea and half a catty, but the parents did not pay squatting bullpen, where’s the money to buy rice and oil ah.    That walked the red with cold legs, trembling with Hao put loach sub-fields in the biting winter is My brother and I.A man a hundred pounds of rice a month a couple of pounds of tea oil, to more than fifteen money to buy back, how do ah?You know, fifteen dollars at the time, how much is a sum of money ah.My brother and I were teenagers, let alone children, is two full labor, a month not to make fifteen dollars.However, we put money back!We mountains cut bamboo, weaving himself a sixty Hao child.Hao child belongs to weave craft activities, the first step will have to break contempt.Action essentials is forced to hold a knife to the right, the left-hand control pushed outwardly bamboo.Tsai Hao Hao sub-basket for carrying soil and the five bamboo Hao.Tsai Hao basket for carrying soil and weave baskets almost easy, but can not see inside the loach; five difficult woven bamboo Hao, but Hao a water, you can see how many there loach.The age of eleven can be self-taught weaving Hao son, this thing that I’ll never be proud.After Hao child weaves, whether it is the dark clouds that are cold, every day I put loach.At the time loach hexagonal cents a pound, and we can sometimes yielding about a pound a day, you can receive up to even a couple of pounds!With Loach, milk bread there.    That dig earthworms, maggots manure fishing in the hot sun is a poor brother and sister.To make a living, we raised four geese and ducks twenty eight chickens, maggots and earthworms and dung, was the best poultry feed.Because there are plenty of worms and maggots eat feces, so our family’s chickens and ducks grow faster than others, raw eggs than others more.I remember when four goose can sell a dollar, eleven eggs or duck eggs can be sold for a dollar, a dollar of it is this accumulation of money, we bought food and survival Youyanjiangcu.At that time, My brother and I thin face, embarrassed themselves to the market to sell duck eggs, usually on behalf of the neighbors to sell Peter Mother.Peter Mother next door if no space on the dike, My brother and I would encourage worldly-year-old brother Lian Tan, we are hiding in remote places ten meters away.Now think of it, it is difficult for the younger brother.    Teenager brother that stumble in the rugged mountain road, more than their own body weight to lug firewood and I.Then there is no money to buy coal (the same folks who have money to buy coal), three meals a day have to rely on our own firewood miles away to the mountains to cut.At that time, many trees mountains, trees and cell division Zashu.Zashu difficult to cut, but also very heavy, but Huo, obtained by burning; bubble easily cut trees, light weight, but dark fire, without burning.I remember when we all like to cut the bubble tree, because the tree light bulbs, firewood packed full of sub-network can choose to move out.If coupled with a good flexibility pole, that as the pace of firewood on his shoulders trembling, so young we very pleasant.Of course, cutting wood is very hard, but harder to pick firewood, especially down to pick firewood.Tired and thirsty most of firewood not want to eat drink, but someone to pick shoulder.A shoulder the burden down from the mountain, will be tired calf cramps, then should the breath, then started it will be very difficult.If someone came to pick the shoulder, it is a very pleasant thing.Once firewood, my left knee and right knee were cut knife, Pa Man, I chew the tender point Mao Cai apply to the wound, just put the wood down to pick up the mountain.The paddle legs and blood red, and I completely ignored.But after the break and so on down the tone, no longer afford to pick up.Fortunately, this time the family came to the shoulder, or do not know how to go home.    Dream, in fact, fragments of memory.Fragments of life after years of fermented wine is like music, it is very fragrant flavor.Although some pieces can not help but bitter at the time, can not help but sad, but after years of precipitation and filtration, left with a fragrance.So I thank life, so I have some experience of fermentation endless; I thank the home, it always makes me dream very fragrant, sweet.