I come from the countryside, from the earth, deep down deep with folks honest and kind-hearted.Accustomed to early hours, used to smell the fragrance of the grass, got used to the morning dew marching tofu Mother cries.  I’m just a tiny sand, inadvertently broke into the Red, falling expanse of desert.Numerous world, complex people, you try to speculate on me, me against you, friendship half-truths, like far and near, intermediate wall always lie with thin walls.  I have just come from the street dressed in pastoral wind, accidentally crashed into the city, a busy fall.Walls Shen Yuan street neighbor, oil head noodles pedestrian, only to find a warm face in the uneasy, carefully opened one polychrome mask.  Sometimes provoke a small mood, some small dip, wine and song of bold, hiding in a corner listening to other people’s karaoke crooning cries, thinking about their own once, do not also become something.Night through dawn, think of nothing but a laugh.  Walking in the crowd, look at a picture of a hurry in the face, behind the back of a dolphin or glamorous or simple reading of different people.I walked on, like walking into someone else’s world, enjoy other people’s sorrows and joys.Quietly a dream, a dream suddenly, like “write poetry that worry.”.  I come from the countryside, from the countryside, the blood flowing parents unyielding character.  Difficult far-fetched will be attached to the debauchery of so-called happy, shiny, gorgeous alien to me Huangran.Those unspoken undercurrent crest, those wind waves-powerful, strange and familiar recounting the ugly reality.  Miss Autumn wilderness, busy from late spring sowing, farmers dull day after day, counting down the number of stars the eager, the years are not only difficult but beautiful in their hope.Moving the sun carrying a child you help me mix, meet tomorrow’s starting a moonlight Looking back, mud legs wrapped in a hurry, you can also leaning on a hoe gossip ancient and modern, and also according to the banyan Yan whisper.  You say that suffering is never experience the joy of farmers.You said purified water convenient, clear well water cool?You only know how to tour all over the world, we can see farmers readily folded pieces of sweet leaf?You will only chase the western afterglow, ever saw the head of long white clouds?  Arty cable to transfer music word, aimlessly catch the pace of others, it would stand still watch the sky, the water is poured skim poetry, holding a handful of earth are written.Dust from the countryside due to the wind, Sasa Tuotuo Dancer is buoyant nature.  I come from the countryside, from the countryside, I am dust, willing to taste sorrow and joy elders in time, the interpretation of their sincere and well-being!