Autumn is a beautiful, fruitful, let me in the autumn, approached your heart, I will be very happy, and very honest and you have a common vision, to a goal.Autumn, is fragile, when the breeze blew the leaves, leaves reluctantly falls on the earth is really such a day comes, there will always be reminiscent of this day, autumn brings the fall, although very beautiful with colorful leaves appear, there are different rhetoric birds appear in the branches, there are many lovely dragonfly appear next to the woods, just so as the beauty of poetry and drawing is very short, very disappointed people.Because, fall over, the winter will come.  Fall, though I aspire to, because, you appeared in the autumn, but also in the autumn, people have a new thought, but, pronto, beautiful autumn, most people slightly sentimental the lovingly.  Autumn, had given me a longing to go forward power, just because a man appeared in the autumn of my life, autumn can say that gives me a different season, just think of today, there is not so going on.Autumn so beautiful long gone.But as I cherish the fall, just because you are there.Your shadow existence, have you accompany me through the existence of months and years, I think it is wonderful, like autumn.Just talk about heart concerns.  This year’s autumn, ushered in the arrival of the double, one Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day is October a.In people’s minds, the longest of this year’s National Day holiday, the companies are generally put eight days false.  So this year’s fall in the festival against the backdrop of extraordinarily beautiful, because the autumn colors, because the fruits of autumn, because autumn festival, but also because in this fall, I think of before you, think of walking in the autumn into your heart scene.Then we have a common vision.Common philosophy of life, do not look back just want to stay together, but you look back, let me think of you in the autumn.  Fall, can be said that every heart of the most beautiful, because today is the Mid-Autumn Festival, because today is the workers who look forward to the season with their families.Mid-Autumn Festival in people’s eyes will always be a symbol of family reunion.I’m just the Mid-Autumn Festival in the fall, has really realized that Mom and Dad had passed away, her daughter does not rely on the.  Autumn is a mom and dad talk about next year’s production season, autumn, could become a good income but not listening to Mom and Dad talk about the fall brought.Mom and Dad really left me, I really want to let mom and dad go back to my line of sight, let me know what is a parent to give the child love.  Autumn, beautiful and rich, I went into the autumn, would like to come into your heart, make you understand what I really wanted to have you, and you want to make up one of their own homes.Fall street festival really resounding clamor, but I was a person walking in the festival, walk downtown in the fall.Really want to have a man by my side, holding my hand has been moving forward.Even if only one day, I will be contented, because my life, I had never had contact with the opposite sex.Nor did it have come to the opposite sex.Just because my heart possession of one of you, I have loved a man.