World time presses, Riyuerusuo.Stroke, we are born to the world as much as seventeen years.Wind before, the rain is gone, can not stop the pace forward, laughing and crying are not urgent to seize a dream.After the bustling and listen to the lonely singing, walking in a man’s horizon.A man walking in the horizon, the flowers are blooming will be trouble upset the whole spring; hot Jiao Yang will be burned throughout the summer, the leaves will be falling thanks deserted throughout the fall; sky snow will cover the entire winter.A man walking in the horizon, will the crazy singing in the square, shout slogans, even if that song had been sung out of tune on the day, even do not even know what they are shouting mouth, even by others pointing, insults, or also ridiculed.A man walking in the horizon, the night insomnia, will wear unlined standing on the balcony looking at the moon in a daze, even I forget to get up early tomorrow, even forgot that they have cold creeps.Reveries already carried by the wind, then fantasy is simply impossible.Then compared with reality, found the gap began to lament.It was added to injury.A man walking in the horizon, I will listen to the radio that song very sad rhythm, opened the yellowed diary, and that old photograph, picked up has been lost memories, remembered once familiar gentle in this strange environment, silly fall helpless tears.Can not stop.A man walking in the horizon, no reason to step on the sad heart was like a knife, and sometimes received a stranger calls, will chat with him, talk to a never-ending talk.Not because of boredom that degree, but because of his long someone like voice once in his voice like mad to find that past tender.Little by little, until the tears, which seem to have been bullied as a stranger.Like so much noise he made a big mistake like loss.A man walking in the horizon, I would run away from home, do not make a phone call to the family, do not tell anyone where I am.Even to say, just lying.A person go to Internet cafes overnight, even if nothing will play for only the paralysis of their own, do not let him feel the pain as well.A man walking in the horizon, bustling city, I broke a man walking in the lonely street, street amnesia.Where tired in which to lie down, it does not matter there are no bad people.Because at that time I was in the eyes of others, but nobody wanted is a wild child, a beggar beggar.Yes, I admit I was a tomboy, but by no means unwanted, but the hearts of the initiation of rebellion; I admit that I was a “beggar”, but I do not need the charity of others, I was begging care and warmth.A man walking in the horizon, I love the rain, like walking in the rain, even if no longer tell his cheeks are raindrops or tears.I love the autumn, Li autumn leaves noisy laugh, like me, failure and helplessness.I liked filled with worry on rough paper text, until beat yourself up quickly to die.A man walking in the horizon, I began to fear.At night I would quilt wrapped tightly, afraid of thunder hack, take away the fear of the devil.Start nightmare, the bad guys have dreams took a sharp knife to stab me straight, ruthless, covered with blood, I opened the books Hades command black and white impermanence to me to DEATH.I fear, awakened, is sweating profusely.A man walking in the horizon, I will be ruthless, cold, and selfish.I think everyone’s concern is Hujiahuwei.All feelings are in fraud, everything is just in sympathy with the poor.I will reject all the people close to the owner refused a thousand miles away.A man walking in the horizon, when I hear “family, love, baby, has, I believe, commitment, achievement, future, dreams, good, happy, happy.”These terms, I would be harsh.I would hate to see someone smile, warm hate to see someone else scene.I will be very painful feeling flowers, the flowers fade and ultimately bleak.A man walking in the horizon, I see life as a bet, bluff time.I lost the friendship, lost youth, lost the pursuit, lost dreams, lost future.I became a loner nothing, my future is still empty-handed.—————- wind stopped, the rain paused.He had gone, broken dreams, and what is left of me?Embrace the memories, a man weep alone in the corner, there are a few people care about?Life XVII to, the number of road traveled, and which will be left with the corner I have ever had the breath of laughter?If I close my eyes and leave this world without love, and how many people will remember, I remember there was a walk in this world?