At the end of the performance, the curtain call must be made, and the curtain call must be carefully made.. This example is for reference only.     The first method is called panic curtain call. It is said that in the performance of the White – Haired Women’s Regulations in the large opera, actor Chen Qiang was too realistic when he played bully Huang Shiren and was shot at by soldiers who entered the opera too deeply. Fortunately, he was found in time and did not cause tragedy, but he was still attacked by many bricks and tiles of the common people.. This kind of curtain call is good, but the actors are too dangerous. As such an actor, this way of curtain call can be a source of pride for the rest of his life.     The second is called sudden curtain – closing. That is, when the audience was expecting the actor to advance the story, the curtain suddenly closed, and the actor had no time to say goodbye to everyone.. The reasons may be as follows: First, there was a serious mistake in the lines, such as what the protagonist said and the supporting actor said, such as what the old Ling Gong said, but Yang Yanzhao said. Zhang Fei’s performance took the dragon crescent moon blade. People who played Lu Zhishen during the Wutai Mountain uproar wrapped beef in the regulations of the People’s Daily. When Mu Guiying appeared, the cell phone rang suddenly. Emperor Song Renzong mistakenly wore his embroidered robe. Wu Sheng accidentally injured actors and colleagues or shot the lights on the scene when he was playing with equipment. Damage to safety facilities such as electricity leakage, resulting in actor casualties, etc.     The third is called the perfect curtain call. This curtain call was adopted or enjoyed by many veteran actors. The symbolic feature of this curtain call method is that the audience shouts loudly: another one – another one – and applause rises one after another, forcing the actor to perform another program and another program, and finally forcing the actor to display his housekeeping skills before the audience understands his hard work and lets him step down..     The fourth is called ” Regret to End the Curtain”. The most prominent feature is that the audience is beating their hands and cheering. When the actor was about to leave the stage, the audience shouted angrily in unison: If the performance is not good, you are not allowed to step down! Must play well! Even worse audiences shouted loudly: refund of ticket money!     The fifth is called ” no one to perform, no one to end the curtain call.”. When the curtain rises, an actor should appear? However, there was no actor, and only the field staff were cleaning the floor or looking in all directions.. Where are the actors? No. The reasons may include the following factors: it may be the rear-end collision of the vehicle; Maybe it was the traffic police who took the red light. May be the wine to drink high; May be deliberately tear down the director’s station; It may have been mistaken by the urban management. May have quietly settled abroad earlier today; Maybe the elevator has broken down; May be assassinated and dismembered; May have been secretly taken away by the investigators . Ah, nature can’t play, and no one will ever call it quits..     In fact, life is the stage, all beings are actors. Our curtain call is generally the same.