Every day, there are flowers blooming and falling at the right time. I prefer the place where the fallen leaves bring peace and thinking to stay, to the sad mood caused by fallen flowers. There is an atmosphere of free from worry in the process of intuitive falling leaves, waiting for the time sequence and waiting for the visitor to enter..     It seems that when flowers bloom like a person’s life process, everything in the sense of cause and effect, including us, is better than nothing. The words’ sad and happy’ in the process description are used in sequence, and subdivisions are also used to summarize a certain situation or event. And does joy and sadness really explain the coming and going of a life? It seems that all scenes are so real and moving that we are often moved, for others and for ourselves.. In a scene, you are changing roles, and you have deeper content than the scene, which makes me always confused but involuntarily attracted.. Your presence is like a metaphor that lures me to face myself in this world, even though I once forgot myself and stretched my desire to the outside until the sad snow brushed my white head..     It seems that I should follow common sense to release the things hidden in my life and live in the details of my life, which are like flowers, trees, insects and birds in the garden. In a whole impression, they make up the ordinary life environment. At this moment, I live with them.. In this, I can’t say ” alive”, once said, I will be trapped in a specific detail, no matter in what name, even in the name of life.. I understand that the details of life are not life itself, although life itself is also made up of many details.     Focusing on the details of life, or thus ignoring the breadth and depth of things, prevents us from reaching the bottom of life through this partial exposure. Those explanations for ordinary life are more like burying the meaning of life alive. How can they be obtained from the explanation, and the power to expand the explanation is virtually limited because the meaning of life is not an explanation?. This is the misinterpretation of’ normal’ and its negative effect, vulgarizing it in a formal coat, so how can it arrive?? It’s not that season turns and flowers tend to fall, but we know in our hearts that when summer comes, green and fruit will continue to interpret the power of life, and at the same time deliver more splendor within life.. A complete process of opening and closing has the bearing of the bottom of existence, which is the bright and bright result of cause and effect.     On earth, our search for details of life is like dismantling, breaking up, deconstructing and explaining a complete sentence, and then the jigsaw puzzle is generally made into a complete form under the name of ” ordinary”, which seems to explain life with real joy and sadness.. Moreover, we are getting thinner and thinner, giving the illusion that there is the truth of life and even the essence of the meaning of life in this subtle place.. However, this integrity still cannot cover the dream mark of dismantling – separation of things, a dream with cracks, and the word ” we” shows the helplessness of life.     For example, using the example of ” you are in the crowd” sometimes clearly knows that you are in the crowd, in this world, and even in the extremely delicate feeling that gives people.. But, often around, without a trace. Why?? Every time I ask this question, I immediately notice that the originally spacious feeling you gave me becomes cramped..     In life, there is always the depth of the causal decision, always leading the lost person forward, not all trivial details can be covered up. Where is the dust? nowhere. The place where the dust rises is a person’s thoughts swirling around.     Note: 2017. 3. 27