A good friend was found ill by physical examination a few days ago. He lost a lot of weight these days and also became ill: melancholy, night sweat and hypomnesis.! He also complained that his big house had not seen the sun shining several times, had not eaten well, dressed well and worked hard all the year round, and was worried that his husband would find his wife after his death.! I haven’t enjoyed it in my life!     Listening to her remarks, I tried my best to comfort her and let her relax her heart treatment, not to entertain foolish ideas when she is ill..     In fact, it is normal for people to get sick by eating grains and absorbing the breath of heaven and earth. Life and death are life’s major events, but since life is a common thing, death is also a common thing. It is not enough to be happy or sad, just as it is going to rain and Niang wants to get married, let him go.!     Thousands of scenery, 3,000 weak waters, we just pass by, nothing can belong to us and nothing can be taken away. If we have it, we can only say that we have experienced some past as clouds and smoke, some as dust, flying perhaps just our thoughts, life is like a dream, and dreams reflect life, and all the pieces are looking back at the shadow, as long as we cherish it and take it seriously, it is the most beautiful life..     In fact, the brightest stars in the world of mortals do not necessarily have the highest energy, but only burn themselves to the best of their ability. So does one. As long as one does his best in this life, it is the best ending. Why do not he sigh endlessly??     We just passed by this life and met some relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues, comrades – in – arms, workmates, enemies and passers – by. Why not relax and laugh at the thousands of worries when we are ill?!     This life, don’t think too much, we just pass by!